8 things I love about being single (for now, at least!)

After meeting my first boyfriend when I was just 17, and spending almost seven years with him, single life hit me pretty hard when he split up with me earlier this year. I’d never been a single adult, let alone a single adult who’d just started her career, had a mortgage to pay and had known nothing but one guy for the past seven years. Talk about bad timing, right?

But I soon managed to spin my situation into something positive. I considered it an adventure, a new chapter, an opportunity for me to be selfish for a while. And whilst I wouldn’t object to a nice, handsome man sweeping me off my feet in the not-so-distant future, here are 8 reasons I like being single (for now!)…

1. I can watch whatever the hell I want

Snuggling up with a guy on the sofa is great and all, but sometimes it meant watching something I reeeeally didn’t particularly want to. Take my ex, for example. He flat out refused to watch Harry Potter. Ever. (Despite making me sit through the Die Hard films, may I add.) And sometimes, a gal just wants to watch Harry Potter, y’know? On my own, I can do that whenever I want, complete with all the junk food and an unattractive slob out position on the sofa.

2. Spontaneous nights out have that extra fizzle of excitement

Rifling through your party dresses for that spontaneous night out is much more fun when you don’t have the slight guilt of leaving your other half at home. Even better – there’s that added anticipation of potentially locking eyes with a cute stranger across the bar on a Saturday night and ending the night with a cheeky snog. Oh, and you don’t have to feel guilty for flirting. Because, let’s face it, having a good ol’ flirt is fun.

3. I can kiss an idiotic drunk guy whenever I feel like it

Yes, speaking of snogging, being single gives me the freedom to kiss all the sexy (or not-so-sexy) men on a night out. The best part? I’m not obliged to see them again, and it really doesn’t matter if I can’t remember what they look like because, well, it was a laugh. And I’m sure my friends will fill me in on it the next day. 😏

4. Friendships were well and truly reinforced

I have always been lucky to have an incredible set of friends around me, but when I split with my ex, I would have been completely lost without them. It hit me just how much I had people around me who genuinely cared for me, and I found myself giving them way more time, and in turn they gave their time to me. Now I have some truly solid friendships y’all should be jealous of. 💁🏻 

5. I have experienced a shitload that I wouldn’t have done otherwise

I’ve finally experienced new things after not being single since I was a teenager. And I’m not just talking the big things. I’m talking that icky one night stand in Magaluf that you immediately regret. The terrifying dating game and everything it entails. Liking someone who doesn’t like you back, and vice versa. I’ve lived on my own as an adult, and decorated my house completely how I want. (Yes, it’s a pretty lil girl pad.) I’ve reignited my love of gigging. And, of course, I’ve travelled the world a bit. I’ve met people I would have never met otherwise, and I’ve truly come to believe that everything happens for a reason.

6. I don’t run the terrible risk having to share my food with a guy

Yep, food is alllll mine now. No longer do I have that soul crushing moment of a partner saying, “Shall we just share a pizza tonight instead of getting one each again?” Listen, fella. I do not want to share a pizza. And I am not sorry. I want my pizza all for me and I will eat every single bit of my pizza. Apart from maybe a crust or two if I start to struggle. Okay? And no, you may not have a spoonful of my dessert after you refused to order one because you were too full. This is my dessert, bog off. And yes, I will drink that whole bottle of coke to myself before the night is over. You shoulda got one if you were gonna be thirsty.

7. All of those I don’t need no man kinda songs have more meaning

Now I’m single, my sass levels soar through the roof when I hear songs about being oh-so-independent, better-off-without-you, fine-on-my-own. Team them with a nightclub and a couple of (okay, a dozen) drinks and you’ll soon find me throwing some shapes and slut dropping on the dance floor. Yes, Beyoncé wrote Single Ladies for me.

8. I am truly learning what I want in life, love and everything else

Being on my own has taught me to see the difference between being comfortable and being happy. And right now, I know I deserve to be happy. I don’t have to settle for anything. I absolutely adore my career and am doing well in it, my insanely awesome friends keep putting a smile on my face daily, this beautiful planet has so many adventures waiting for me. And guess what? None of those have a boyfriend as a requirement.

But seriously, if you happen to be reading this and your name is Tom Hardy, Bradley Cooper or Andrew Lincoln, feel free to take me off the market. I really don’t mind.

Do you feel what I’m saying sistas?

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