Taking advice from the people who sleep in the stars



I live a tired life. My schedule is hectic, my diary is full, and my eyelids are heavy. And that’s why I’m taking some tips from the astronauts for a good night’s sleep…
This post is in sponsored by TEMPUR® but all thoughts are my own.


Tired. I live a life of being constantly tired. Not just a little bit tired, but utterly shattered.

My life often seems to be non-stop. I have this terrible habit of saying yes to any plan that comes my way. Partly because I’m wary of the fact I may get major FOMO, and partly because life is short and I wanna cram in as many experiences as I possibly can. See all beautiful corners of the world. Cry like a baby as I fangirl at a gig. Discover something new at the theatre. See something unusual at an exhibition. Learn a new craft by taking lessons or attending workshops. You name it, I’ll want to do it.

Either way, it means my diary pages are full of scribbled times and places, and my bed isn’t used quite as much as it should be. My chores don’t get done much, either.

None of this is helped by the fact that I recently discovered I’m pretty darn low in both iron and vitamin B12 and so need injections and tablets three times a day (which I often forget to take, furthering my tiredness problem somewhat).

People will ask me how I am. “Tired,” I’ll reply. And I’ll say it with a smile and a slump of the shoulders like it’s a joke. Or I’ll find myself yawning in people’s company and say “Gosh, I must be tired,” as if I didn’t even know it.

But no, really, I am so tired. So very tired. Tired and drained. My eyelids are carrying the weight of being so busy, having too much to do, overthinking every minor detail of my day, and not getting an early night now and then like I should do.

But that’s something I’m now trying to change. I’m making an active decision to try and spend my days feeling more awake, and a touch more human. And it’s all inspired by TEMPUR mattresses and the people that sleep in the stars.

You see, TEMPUR have been around for years ensuring people get a good night’s sleep, and the TEMPUR material was developed by Nasa in the 1970s to cushion and support astronauts during lift-off. Today, that material lies in each and every mattress and pillow they produce, distributing weight and pressure evenly, so all you feel is weightless – much like the astronauts who sleep among the stars.

And here’s the tips I’ll be taking from the sleeping technique of the astronauts…

  • Getting comfortable. Astronauts need to be well rested to stay on their game, and so every effort is made to make sure astronauts have a comfortable environment to ensure an undisrupted, deep sleep. Something we’d all love, right? If I was to take a look at my bed right now, I know full well it’s a mess. I don’t make it in a morning.  Time for that to change. Because we all know nothing beats getting into a freshly made bed, especially when accompanied by black-out curtains, cosy jim-jams and a cuddly teddy bear.
  • A healthy routine for resting. I can’t say I know any astronauts personally, but something tells me that have pretty busy days. They need to be switched on and have good overall health – something that can be affected by a poor sleeping pattern. Astronauts have mastered the art of sleeping with a few simple tactics that we can use here on earth – eating properly, reducing the time spent looking at a screen before sleep, and making sure to get some exercise in. Three things I have no excuse not to get on board with!
  • Sleeping on a schedule. Within 24 hours, the sun will rise and set approximately 16 times on the International Space Station, and so astronauts can’t rely on the view out of the window judge when it’s getting late. Because of this, they sleep according to a daily time plan. Scheduled sleeping. Me? I currently just stumble to bed whenever I feel like it without thinking about the consequences the next day. Which now and then results in a 2am finish and a 6am start. Not good. Whilst I won’t be having a daily time plan like the astronauts do (and let’s face it, I wouldn’t stick to it), I am actually going to start thinking about what time I should get to bed by considering what I have on the next day.

Now, where is my teddy bear…? 😴

Do you find yourself getting tired?
What do you do to make sure you get a restful night?

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