Remembering to enjoy the adventure

Despite always loving holidays and weekend trips, I’ve not always been a travel blogger. In fact, my blog started off as a space for me to review books and beauty products. Soon I found myself thinking, however, that if I love travelling so much, why wasn’t I documenting that instead?  It’s so much easier to write about something you’re really, truly passionate about, right?

Though something hit me whilst in Paris with my mum earlier this year. It was my mum’s first time there, and yet I found myself stressing over getting the perfect picture rather than showing her the city and just enjoying the time away. So I’m making sure that, this year, I make a conscious effort to really enjoy the adventures I plaster across my social media. And here’s how you can too…


Take good friends with you 👭

Solo travel can probably be a tonne of fun (I don’t know yet, it’s still on my to-do list…) but I find that taking a trip with people on the same wavelength as you means you suddenly find yourself having too much of a good time to focus on anything other than the trip itself. You also have someone to relive the memories with and someone there to alleviate any worries or anxieties you might have, which, of course, is never a bad thing.

Bonus: they can take cool candid photos of you.

Put the camera down 📷

Easier said than done, I know, but if you stop focusing too much on what you’re grabbing on your camera, you’ll find it easier to enjoy your adventure.

Don’t get me wrong: taking photos is all part of the fun too, and they’re the perfect way to reminisce on the things you got up to, but take the photos and leave it at that. I am so guilty of taking the photos, looking through them, making sure I got the right angle, starting to edit them on my phone, all while still out and about. Once you’ve grabbed your snaps, put your camera down and immerse yourself in the situation instead.

Have a few cocktails 🍹

It’s no secret that I am partial to a cocktail or two. This option won’t be for everyone, but when I take the time to sit down and have a few cocktails with my travelling companions, I end up feeling so relaxed (and a little determined to carry on and get tipsy) that I decide to forget about the habitual photo taking and cramming in every attraction I can, and instead find myself happy to just be having a good time in the moment. Which can often lead to an incredibly drunk time in the moment… Yes, Amsterdam, I’m talking about you.

Do things twice ✌

If time permits me to do so, I’ll make sure to do certain things on a trip twice: once to grab some photos and info for blog/social content along the way, and once to just enjoy the experience through my eyes rather than the lens. Doing this allows you to get the best of both worlds – you can spend some time stressing over grabbing that perfect Instagram photo or making sure you capture important information for content, but then can do it all again with no pressure to do anything other than enjoy it.

Try something new 🚁

I’ve been a lover of travel long before I started blogging about it, though my holidays were always pretty standard: a sunshine resort with cocktails, food and a waterpark. I still adore a sunshine break (I mean, I’m heading off to Ibiza in four weeks!), but this year I’ve found myself booking way more city breaks.

Having the chance to explore busy cities rather than have my usual lazy day by the pool really reawakened my desire to just explore and enjoy, with no set goal in mind, and now I’m determined to start looking into other travel options I’ve not done before: maybe a snow covered ski resort, camping in the countryside or riding the seas with Planet cruise.

Don’t put pressure on yourself 💆

Honestly, if you don’t get that perfect photo on your holiday, or if you can’t remember the name of that restaurant you went to, or you didn’t get to see that landmark that is apparently pretty good, it really doesn’t matter as long as you had a good time.

Besides, it gives you an excuse to go back and do it again, right? 😉

Are you guilty of forgetting to enjoy the adventure sometimes?
*This post was sponsored by Planet Cruise. 😌

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