Let’s Talk about That Harry Potter Photoshoot…

I’m sorry if the title of this post leads you to believe I’m going to have some controversial view on the Harry Potter photoshoot going viral, but I’m afraid this post is going to do exactly what it says on the tin. I genuinely do just want to talk about it.

Or, rather, I want to share it with my readers and swoon some more.

As I was scrolling aimlessly through Facebook just the other day, I noticed a Buzzfeed link nestled in between the numerous foodie photos, soppy statuses and shameless selfies: ‘Stop what you’re doing and look at this hot Harry Potter boudoir shoot‘.


Yep, I can do that.

I love Harry Potter. I am also partial to looking at an attractive male model (don’t worry Damian, you’ll always be mah top bloke). But never had I considered combining these two passions. Until now.




I mean, just look at that. I kind of feel guilty looking at it. Harry Potter shouldn’t be sexy. It’s part of my childhood!

And yet… And yet




I feel so naughty for looking but he’s just so handsome. The shoot isn’t even that steamy, yet somehow is also incredibly steamy. Maybe the effect is exaggerated just because it’s based around our beloved Harry?

I don’t know. But either way, I’m looking, and I’m liking.

The shots are by photographer Sarah Hester (who has an array of other amazing photographs on her website), and the handsome chap in the pictures is Zachary Howell. Apparently they have some more “geeky projects” in the works.

Be still, my beating heart, I can’t wait.

I’m thinking more book boyfriends please, and then a calendar should be released. Who’s with me?!

Let’s all thank Buzzfeed for bringing this to our attention, and let me know what book boyfriends you’d like to see in a ‘dudeoir’ shoot next. I vote Chaol. 😍

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