Four Changes I’m Making to Crawl Out Of My Overdraft

It’s Friday night, you’ve had a long week, you’re finally home with your feet up on the sofa, and you somehow end up browsing Asos. Despite swearing blind you’re just looking, you find yourself adding a dress to your basket that you just know would flatter your figure. And there’s a great pair of boots in there too that’ll get you through the winter/spring transition. Possibly even a few accessories that caught your eye in the sale. You convince yourself that you deserve to treat yourself after all; you work hard, you’ve slaved away at work all week, you deserve those goodies.

And then, you remember. You have no spare money. In fact, you have less than no money. There’s a nasty little minus sign sat riiiight in front of your balance. And suddenly that vision of you in that gorgeous flash-your-assets-but-keep-ya-classy dress dissipates and is swiftly replaced with a deep longing for payday.

Ah, payday. What a wonderful time, eh?

Don’t worry. We’ve all been there. There are steps we take to help us get through the month – borrowing off the ‘rents, looking at loans for bad credit, or falling deeper into your overdraft. For me, it’s the latter. And truth be told, I’m a little bit sick of it now.

It’s time for me to sort mah shit out.

And that’s why I’m making a few small changes to crawl out of my overdraft. Tiny little things that will soon add up and hooooopefully set me on a path to life with no minus signs and the ability to say to myself, “you know what, treat yo’self”…

Cutting down on the coffees

More specifically, I need to cut back on the fancy coffees and hot chocolates I find myself buying almost daily. I work at a university, and on campus there are a number of different coffee shops that I often find myself wandering over to. Instead, I now have various latte, cappuccino and chocolate sachets sat on my desk just waiting to have a little bit of hot water added to them… Definitely cheaper than paying £3 a pop every time I want my fix!

Switching the spirits for pints

I’m a sucker for cocktails. Always have been, always will be. But nowadays I’ve got into the habit of saving cocktails for when I really want to treat myself. (Or when they’re on a 2-for-1 offer, obviously.) My drink of choice has swiftly moved from a £7 cocktail to good old £3 pint o’ cider. And d’ya know what? I bloody love it. Not only is it cheaper, but I’m a way better drunk when I stick to the cider. I’m chilled, I’m cool, I’m a hoot – I swear.

Letting Cleo make me feel bad

I recently came across Cleo, an artificially intelligent chick who chats to you via Facebook Messenger and reminds you just how much you’re actually spending. Seriously, she’s awesome. She’s actually made tracking finances fun for me. Not just that, but she can set a budget, show you your account balances, set up automatic savings, organise your spends into categories, warn you about bills coming out soon, and even quiz you about your spending to see how much you pay attention. Oh, and she even sends you the occasional GIF. Cleo is still pretty new to me, but I love her already. If you fancy giving it a go, I’d love you to use my referral link… for a limited time, we’ll both get £5 when you sign up!

Walking the short trips

Walking is genuinely a hobby for me. There’s nothing better than sticking in my earphones and wandering around somewhere scenic and clearing my head. And yet, I’d still find myself jumping in the car for some smaller trips that I could most probably walk without a problem (and would likely enjoy doing so!). So, I’ve now tried to combine this particular hobby with my money saving mission, and instead of taking a five minute drive to the shops, or the tanning salon, or nearby friends/family, I get my boots on and take a twenty minute stroll instead. Not only do I save money on petrol, I get some extra exercise in, enjoy some great music and fresh air en route, and feel great for it when I get back home – perfection!

How do you like to cut down your spends? Do you think you could get on board with any of my little changes? Let me know in the comments below!


This post was sponsored by Cashlady, but all words are my own. 🙂 

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