Walking my worries and woes away

Last month, I had a particularly crap week. You know, just one of those weeks where you can’t put your finger on exactly what it is, but everything gets under your skin, or pisses you off, or even makes you wanna cry, just because? And as I sat at home on my own, my leg bouncing away as it does when my brain is overthinking everything, I decided to get off the sofa and just move.

So, with that, I grabbed my boots, stuck my earphones in, and left the house. And I walked. Just walked and walked. And walked.

And it did me the world of good.

I’m very lucky in that I live next door to a lovely field, and pretty close to a couple of pretty parks. With such beauty on my doorstep, and after enjoying an afternoon of walking so much, I decided to get up early each morning for a brisk walk with my music, and was accompanied each time by that day’s sunrise. (I occasionally found myself accompanied by dogs or butterflies or ducks too, but they were just a bonus.)

And just like that, within a couple of days, I fell completely and utterly in love with walking.

In those moments when I’m walking and my music is all I can hear, my worries just seem to dissipate for a while and it’s just me and the world, and its beauty is so much more noticeable. Sitting in an office all day or hanging out at home on a night doesn’t normally give me chance to appreciate it.

I’ve since invested in a FitBit which encourages me to walk even more, and my love miiiight have turned into an addiction. But there are worse things to be addicted to, right?

I have three trips left in 2017; all three of them are city breaks that will involve a lot of walking… Bring it on.

Okay, one of them is a Dublin trip over New Year, and may involve more stumbling and slut dropping than walking, but that still counts… It does. Honestly.

I normally spend my New Years at home, tucked away watching a film, and not really celebrating. I’ve never been one for New Year. But this year I’m genuinely super excited to spend it out and about with friends, meandering down cobbled streets and admiring the world as we go.

It’s just a shame it’ll be cold. Next year I’ll have to opt for somewhere warmer to stroll about in. ❄️

Inntravel offer a range of New Year walking holidays, and what a way to start fresh – literally walking into a new year ready for a fresh start and achieving any goals you might set. For me, that usually involves improving my fitness and travelling to new places… so a walking holiday would kill the two birds with one stone. Much better than entering a new year fast asleep because I dozed off whilst watching a chick flick!

So, I’ll be strolling into 2018 in Dublin, but who knows – I might be entering 2019 in sunny Spain or beautiful Malta… watch this space!

Are you a fan of simply taking a walk? How do you spend New Year?
This post was written in collaboration with Inntravel.

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