Saying goodbye to 2017 – the best and worst year of my life – and welcoming 2018 with open arms

It’s an exclamation you’ve probably heard a million times in the past few weeks, but one that holds true – this year has just flown by! (You may have heard this in alternative formats such as, “Where has this year gone?!” or “It doesn’t seem 5 minutes since last Christmas!“)

I spent my 2017 in the vibrant City of Culture – celebrations were in place from the second the clock hit 00:00 on January 1st, hotels in Hull found themselves fully booked as people flocked from around the country, and the year was full of colour and culture, music and magic, tears of pride and tears of joy, all in a whirlwind of excitement and revelry.

Much like the City of Culture year, my year passed in a whirlwind of emotions on a personal level too. Heartbreak, happiness, exhilaration, fear, helplessness, hopefulness. My mind travelled through the entire spectrum of human emotion over the months, and as a result, I can honestly say 2017 was both the best and the worst year of my life.

Quite the contradiction, right?

Thing is, this year is the year I’ve been the most broken, crushed, humiliated and let down by multiple people in my life. I’ve been lied to, made a fool of, and lost varying levels of relationships along the way.

And yet, it’s also the year I’ve come out of each dark spot happier than I’ve been previously, and absorbed a wealth of incredible experiences.

I’ve had days where I’ve wanted to do nothing but curl up in the dark and sleep time away in hopes I’ll wake up feeling better – cos time’s meant to be a healer, right? But somehow I’ve managed to find a little something to overcome each dark day and find a bit of happiness again.

I’ve truly immersed myself in my job over the past year and absolutely adore my team and what I do. I’ve mastered the art of using my holiday days wisely in order to explore the world further and escape the strain of everyday life for a short while each and every month. My passion for gigging has been reignited after booking a Kings of Leon gig purely on a whim, simply because a guy I dated suggested I should when I spoke animatedly about them. I’ve picked up piano lessons and found a new kind of satisfaction in mastering a new piece of music… albeit it very short, simple pieces for now.

And, probably most importantly, I’ve realised I’ve got a bloody amazing set of friends and family around me who are there for me no matter what. Even if they do get bored of my ranting, which surely they must do… 😅

So I’m making it my aim to focus only on the good stuff. I’m looking back at the incredible opportunities and experiences 2017 brought me, and preparing myself for all of the spectacular things 2018 has waiting for me. Bring it on. 💪🏼


My 2017 gigging…

• Big Weekend (Imagine Dragons, Biffy Clyro and Katy Perry were my highlights!)
• Kings of Leon
• Sigala
• Twin Atlantic
• Picture This
• Milburn
• Kodaline
• Shadowlark

Gigging plans for 2018 (so far!)

• Paramore
• Picture This
• Imagine Dragons
• Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats
• The Dead South

My 2017 travel adventures…

• Bordeaux
• Paris
• Wroclaw
• Amsterdam
• Majorca
• Ibiza
• Llandudno
• Dusseldorf
• Dublin
• Wroclaw (again)

Travel plans for 2018 (so far!)…

• Dublin
• Cologne
• Bali
• Portugal
• Ibiza
• Interrailing in Europe

As if all of that excitement isn’t enough, I’m also going to become an auntie again in 2017, I’m determined to get my fitness back into gear, and I’m heading back to Walker Stalker Con for the third year running, and I cannot bloody wait.

What are you excited for in 2018?

*This post was sponsored by Travelodge, but as always, words are my own!

  • Linda Hobbis

    It’s amazing how many fellow bloggers had a grim 2017 too – must be something astrological. Here’s hoping you achieve your travel list for 2018.

  • Bex Smith

    I hope 2018 is better for you. 2017 was also a terrible year for me whilst also being good too . Here’s hoping 2018 is kinder to us

  • Wow so many plans for gigs and travels for this year, you’ve put me to shame a bit x

  • Jenna E Morley

    Good for you focussing on the good to come out of 2018…great list of gigs already, so jealous!

  • Wow, what a year you’ve had. So many amazing travel adventures! Good for you focusing on the good, positive things to come in 2018. Hope it’s a good one! xx

  • Loving your travel list for 2018, my favourite has to be Bali, we have been there once and loved it totally so you will too.

  • Wow I have nothing planned for this year yet and you have a whole selection of things to do! I hope it’s a fab one for you hun x