Looking back at March 2017: Zombies, Cats, France and Happiness

Bad blogger alert! My March round up is coming to you 13 days into April. A tad late, I know, but March was a busy one for me and I haven’t had a free weekend for about 10 weeks now.

Busy, busy bee. 🐝

As you may know, my boyfriend of almost 7 years broke up with me in February, and I was devastated. When March rolled around, I made sure to plan lots of fun things to keep me happy.

And so, March had a cracking start for me. The first day of it was spent having a fun day at work (I love my job!) and then heading straight to an Escape Room with my colleagues.

If you’ve never been to an Escape Room before, I really recommend it, especially if you love puzzles.

And make sure to celebrate each solved clue with a team high five like my group did. 😂

Then, just a few days later, the first weekend of March saw me heading to London for two days of excitement, cosplay and lots of fangirling at Walker Stalker Con London.

If you’re a fan of The Walking Dead I strongly, really, super suggest you book tickets for next year’s convention immediately. It’s seriously a dream.

The cast are incredibly lovely (and most of them are totally hot), there are some insane cosplayers to gawp at and you’ll find a tonne of awesome merchandise you won’t see anywhere else.

You might even make some new friends too!

Despite leaving me with an empty purse (albeit an empty purse accompanied by giddiness and utter happiness – it was the best weekend ever!), two weeks after Walker Stalker Con I headed back to London with Amy and Kirsty for #BlogConLDN.

Over 400 hundred bloggers made their way to Westminster for a huge networking event all organised by the wonderful Scarlett London.

There were lots of a goodies, some social competitions and a variety of exciting brands with stands around the venue. A venue which was flipping beaut, by the way.

Scarlett always puts so much effort into her events, and sadly a few people decided to take advantage by stealing the extra goodie bags. I even saw one woman shamelessly leave with six goodie bags on her arm, whilst others tipped the contents of two or three into one bag so that they didn’t look suspicious on their way out.

I, however, very happily left with my one generous goodie bag and stayed the night in a hotel where Amy, Kirsty and I promptly ordered Dominos and settled down to watch Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway.

The next morning we headed to a café. A special café. A place of dreams for somewhere like me.

Yep. We went to a cat café. London Cat Village to be precise.

And it was amazing.

Yummy cake, beautiful decor and dozens of the cutest little kitty cats strutting around the room. One of them decided he’d be a big man and steal the clotted cream from my plate, but with a face so cute, I forgave and forgot pretty quickly.

There’s a 99.9999% chance I returned to the cat café for round two just a couple of weeks after…

As if I hadn’t had enough of London, I headed back a third time towards the end of March where I took my mum to see Motown: The Musical.

You when something is just so good it takes your breath away and makes you cry? Yep. Motown: The Musical did that. I adore Motown music so it was such a treat, and the cast were all so incredibly talented.

Still buzzing from the amazing performance, my mum and I headed straight to bed before getting up the next morning and flying to Bordeaux for a stay at the luxury Villa La Tosca.

Not one to normally stay in luxury, I was blown away by the utter beauty of the place, not to mention the staff who were there to cater to our every need and the magical sunset views we had from our 360° view windows.

After three days of ultimate relaxation, I finished March with a train ride over to Paris, where I spent my first few days of April. But you can read about that another time… 😏

So there we have it. A busy and wonderful month that’s left me in a totally positive place. I’m ready for my next chapter.

How was your March?

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