48 Hours in Paris, France

Paris: the city of love. And probably one of the most famous cities in the world. Look up a list of places to visit before you die, and you’ll find it there somewhere.

I’m pretty vocal about the fact I always want to return to Paris no matter how many times I’ve been, and so when my mum and I had a stay in Bordeaux booked, it would have been a crime not to head up to Paris too, right?! And whilst there, I kept a mini diary of everything we got up to…

🚗 Friday 🏙

After a wonderful few days in Villa La Tosca on Arcachon Bay, we have just got off the train and have arrived in Paris! I was sat next to a handsome French man on the train who kept dozing off. I was tempted to offer to share my blanket with him, but y’know, language barriers. Now we just need to make our way to the hotel. Can you use Uber in Paris?

I can confirm that yes, you can use Uber in Paris. Unfortunately my phone died about 10 seconds after I’d ordered it, which was a bit of a pain. We decided to wait for ten minutes to see if someone happened to find us… they didn’t. We were just about to give up hope when a glowing presence came through the hustling and bustling crowds and said “Did you order an Uber?” Why yes, handsome French man number two, yes we did. Take us away. Thank you fate for bringing him to us. (He actually spent his time hunting us down and didn’t even charge us any extra. What a super star.) 🌟

We’re staying at the Novotel Hotel Centre Tour Eiffel and we are wayyyyy up on the 29th floor. We’re even facing the Eiffel Tower. Yes, there may be a high rise building in front of it, but the summit is peeking over the top, so that totally counts as an Eiffel Tower view, right? We’re stopping and chilling out for five to let my phone charge back up before heading out for some much needed grub.

I still haven’t had my food and I’m ravenous, but that’s okay because I’m currently stood underneath the Eiffel Tower and it never fails to take my breath away. You can’t truly comprehend its magnificence until you’re stood beside it admiring its impressive height. Though it’s a struggle to fit in all in photos up close. Darn it!

FINALLY, I am about to eat. Oh, this has been a long time coming today and so I’ve gone all out: spaghetti bolognese with garlic bread and chips on the side. 🍝 Not very French, I know, but oh my word, carb heaven. Nom nom nom. All served by another handsome French man – handsome French man number three. Who has just come over as I was typing to give me the wifi password. Aw. I think I’m in love.

He has already brought my food over. Definitely in love.

He saw me taking photos of my food and has offered to take a photo of me with the food. Aw. Blogger life.

I am well and truly stuffed. I couldn’t finish my carb mountain but what I did eat was delicious. Just about to grab the bill and then I’ll be taking a slow stroll back to the hotel. Maybe more a waddle than a stroll; I am extremely full, after all.

Wow. The view of the Parisian skyline by night is truly breathtaking! What an absolute pleasure to come back to. I am still incredibly bloated so hopping straight into bed to catch up on Instagram comments and edit a handful of piccies. 📱

In May, me and three other blogging girlies are heading to Amsterdam for a weekend. I may currently be in France whilst one of them is in Spain and the others in the UK, but we just booked the hotel – woohoo! Now I really, really must sleep. I am beyond tired. Can’t wait for a day of sightseeing tomorrow. Paris, I’m coming for ya! (Sephora, I’m 99.9% sure I’m coming for you too, FYI.)

📸 Saturday 💶

Bonjour and good morning! I’ve just woken up and am still tired somehow… what is wrong with me?! Sadly the view from my window isn’t as bright and sunny as yesterday, but Paris still manages to charm me with dull and dreary clouds overhead. I think I’m going to get a bus tour today. I’ve never done a bus tour in my life!

Damnit, my eyebrow pencil has run out.

Turns out we’re opting for brunch rather than breakfast. #lazygirlproblems 😂 I’ve ordered myself a cheese omelette and will most likely finish it off with a cream cake somewhere on today’s travels! The café we’re in is just on the river and I’m sat outside watching the hustle and bustle go past, which is pretty much heaven to me. People watching is way too much fun!

Finally, we are getting on the Big Bus Tours bus and have managed to get seats on the top near the front. Yay! We paid €34 each but the tickets last us all day and we can jump on and off whenever we’d like, which means we have our transport around the city all day too. Perrrrfect.

It’s so nice and chilled up here watching people, seeing sights, listening to the hustle and bustle. I would not want to be the one driving this bus though.

I just had a moment of realisation. You know when something just hits you? I started stressing because the bus was not stopping where I wanted it to, and I was bending my arms and body in all sorts of crazy ways to try and get the angle I wanted for photos. And then I started saying to my mum, “Well I can get a nice photo from there if we walk later, and I wanna go up the Arc de Triomphe, blah blah blah.” Then I decided actually, no. This is my mum’s first time in Paris and I’m not making her spend it following me around trying to get photos. I want to chill out and show her the city I love. So now I will be taking photos just for fun, rather than to get the perfect shot. 👌🏼

I’ve text my brother and it’s all good. We’re gonna make a trip to Paris for photography purposes only. Phew. (He, like me, craves the perfect shot. He’s a lot more skilled than I am though!)

We just drove past the Pont Alexandre III and now I’m thinking of the final scene of Me Before You and it’s made me cry on the bus. It’s pretty windy up here so I’m sure everyone thinks it’ll be the wind whipping my eyes that’s causing me to shed a tear. 😅

The man behind us just burped in my mum’s ear. Sexy.

We stopped at the Arc de Triomphe and jumped off the bus to make a little trip to Sephora. I was in desperate need of an eyebrow pencil and powder! I’ve just checked out, was sadly ripped off (I swear Sephora was cheaper last year?!) but at least I can get my eyebrows back on my face. Priorities. Now, back on the bus for some more touring.

A pigeon feather just fell from the sky and got stuck in the hair of a man sat a few seats in front of us. Now it’s stuck on his head and blowing in the breeze, L’Oréal style. Me and mum cannot stop laughing.

We’ve hopped off the bus for the final time at the Eiffel Tower and alovely looky-looky man has just poked my mum’s bum with a selfie stick he was trying to sell. That’s a different tactic! 😂

We’re taking a slow scenic route back to the hotel to pop our head into the shops and pick up some last minute souvenirs. The one downside of hand luggage only is that I can’t go mad and treat myself to alllllll the cheesy Parisian mugs, key rings, bookmarks and postcards. Cos I totally would.

Right, we’re back in our room now and the fresh air from the bus ride has totally knocked it out of us, so I’m about to make myself a mocha and settle down in bed to watch Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway before snoozing. So adventurous, I know!

🌸 Sunday ✈️

Good morning. A frantic Ashton here shoving everything into her suitcase. Why oh why do I always leave packing until the last minute?

Oops, the cleaner knocked on my door to make sure I’m okay and remind me that I’m checking out today. Yes Mr Cleaner, I’m so sorry. 🙈

We’re checked out and have an hour to kill so are spending it sat under the blossom surrounding the Eiffel Tower. Do you know how difficult it is to get a bench here?! Luckily I had mum on hand who said, “Don’t worry, I’ll sit next to a stranger until they feel awkward and leave.And that she did. And it worked. So here we are, bums perched on a bench, looking up at the Eiffel Tower peeking over the pretty cherry blossom on the trees. Am I Blair Waldorf yet?

We’re on the train to the airport (boo hoo hoo!) and there are more handsome French men. It’s got me thinking: why are French men so attractive? I’d say maybe it’s the accent but it’s not like I speak to them all. Their lips are sealed and they still manage to be handsome. If anyone knows the answer, hit me up!

Noooo. We’re boarding the plane now and I feel sad. I have such bad holiday blues already, and the sun has come out to wave me goodbye. I hope it’s coming along for the ride and heading back to the UK with us. ☀️

A cute guy just asked if he could help me with getting my suitcase in the overhead locker. I was getting prepared to play damsel in distress and let him be my hero, and then I noticed his girlfriend sat next to him. Lol. Still nice of him to offer though. Cheers pal.

I’ve just realised I sound like I perv on men all of the time. I assure you I don’t.

Do I?

It’s officially been exactly 48 hours and our plane is about to fly. Paris, yet again, it has been an absolute pleasure. I’ll see you real soon for my photography trip back here with my brother, Robert. Bring it on. 🇫🇷

Have you been to Paris before? What’s your favourite landmark?

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