"Okay, wait, so bloggers actually PAY for followers?!"


It’s no secret that followers can be bought on the Internet. I often have people favourite my tweets or Instagram photos with the display name “BuY Mør3 f0LL0ŵëRżŽ“… Umm, nah, you’re alright, pal. But is it true? Do bloggers actually pay for their followers? The answer is yes.

Yes they do.

They pay in hard work, effort and dedication. They pay in late nights finalising posts and long days waiting for the sun so they can get the perfect photo. They pay in trying to wrap their head around HTML, CSS, no-follow links and SEO. (Gah, I’m still clueless about the SEO.)

They pay in the small investments: that expensive lipstick they want to try and review, that logo design they just paid for to get the look they want. The posh camera they’ve been eyeing up and have finally bitten the bullet and gone for (lol, indirect @me), or that domain name they’re so glad they have, at last.

They pay in their interaction, their creativity, their open honesty, their friendliness, their helpfulness (because I know I’d be nowhere without a little help from other bloggers!).

They pay in the train tickets to events, and overcoming their nerves and anxiety when meeting other bloggers.

And yes, some pay with cash.

But that’s their prerogative and they’ll get busted eventually. Even Rita Ora didn’t get away with that and dropped herself in it a couple of years ago when she asked for 100,000 retweets and ended up with just 2,000… Yup, she was busted with over one million fake followers.

For me, no. Who wants followers that don’t interact? Not me.

So when you hear about bloggers paying for followers, think instead about those that have paid with their blood, sweat and tears. Cos let me tell ya: blogging isn’t as easy and pristine as it looks from the outside. But man, it’s worth it! 👌🏽

What do you think about people buying their followers? Do you think it’s something you’d consider?

  • I am actually planning a post at the minute about whether buying followers is worth it (although it's taking a while because I don't want to come off as rude). The positives I can take from not buying them is that I don't have the embarrassment of losing 1000s of followers when the inevitable clear out happens, and that every single follower I have I have earned. The process of gaining is slow, but it's worth it. And I'd rather spend my money on a new palette to review than on 100 new followers anyway.

    Sophie x | Essential Twenty

  • I am absolutely LOVING your layout Ashton, it's incredible! 😀
    I totally don't get why this happens, especially when so many of us work so hard to produce content like you said. I just attempt to not let it phase and direct my work, it happens after all 🙂

    Emmie | http://www.carpediememmie.co.uk

  • I'd never buy followers! Don't get me wrong, I'd love to have over a huge number of followers. Who wouldn't? But I'd much rather have a smaller number of followers who actually interact, and who follow because they like me/my blog/both. And I totally agree – blogging sure ain't as easy as it looks! x http://www.aimeeraindropwrites.co.uk x

  • E

    I could never buy followers and I don't judge people at all that do but my blog is my hobby and I would only want people reading it that actually wanted too. I'd rather have no followers than 2000 who don't care about the content I post. Great post!xo


  • I have said all along that I would rather have 5 followers that interact with me and become friends etc than have 5 million that either never interact or give me the basic "great post follow me back" comment

  • I do admit that the follower count is something that I kinda obsess over, but personally, a new comment makes me much more happier than a new follower. I want people to interact with me and talk back to me with their opinions and thoughts, not just become a stat on my blog.

    Also, its so true. We do pay for followers with hard work and creativity :’)


  • And here I am after my tweets :’)

    I’d never pay, it’s just so unrewarding and it goes against my morals. Plus I see lots of followers = good content, which is why I would like to see a rise. I wouldn’t want to see a rise for my own ego, I’d only want it to know my content is rather nice. Just sad that now many will have big followings that aren’t genuine and they haven’t gained follows as many are interested in what they post 🙁

    Love the start about how bloggers do and should pay with hard work and creativity etc, was nice and original <3