Ashton, where are you?

You may or may not have noticed that recently, I’ve not been out and about in the online world very much. (Shoutout to the cuties that noticed and have messaged me! If you haven’t noticed, how very rude of you… jk. 😉)

My Twitter feed has been neglected, my Instagram filters have been gathering dust and cobwebs, and my blog hasn’t has much of an update in a while. Which seems very odd considering I’ve just had a few days off from work one after the other. I did plan to spend that time blogging, but it turns out, I was so unbusy that I was ever so busy.

What do I mean by that

Well, I had spare time. So rather than stressing over my blog content, I did some things I enjoy. (Not that I don’t enjoy blogging, but ya get me.) 💁🏻

I read a book for a little while, spent hours putting pen to paper in my various colouring books, loosened my purse strings and divulged in shopping for things I didn’t need but really liked, caught up on TV shows, laid in bed for hours re-watching Gilmore Girls, and yes, I have hunted plenty of Pok√©mon along the way.


But hey, this was just a short post to let you know that I’m alive and well and am back online. And with some exciting stuff!

Over exams and graduation period, I received lots of fab products and attended some awesome events, so I’ll be writing all about them very soon. I’m also in the process of editing a video from my trip to Benidorm last month – hello YouTube!

Little ol’ lucky me is also visiting Mexico next week after winning a holiday with Virgin Holidays, and I can’t bloody wait. I’ll be getting plenty of snaps and sipping plenty of cocktails.

But in the meantime, I’ve got some catching up to do!

Here’s to hours of endless scrolling through social media…

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