Taming Tangles with Tangle Angel | Review + Giveaway

Hello guy and gals! Let me introduce you to these beautiful brushes which are now a beauty must-have for me. I first stumbled across these little babies after receiving one in my #HBAlPorto goodie bag last year, and after getting another two in different designs, Tangle Angels have quickly become some of my favourite detanglers (and let me tell you, my hair does get hella tangley).

The first thing you’ll notice is the gorgeous design of these brushes. Each one is shaped like the back of an angel, with a beautiful wing design, and a sleek handle which allows you to stand the brush up on your dressing table to really show it off. You can hold this brush in two ways – firstly, you can use the handle to hold it as you would a standard paddle brush, or you can instead grasp around the wings for a more controlled grip.

So, aside from the beautiful design, what else is so special about these brushes? Well, for starters, they are great for your hair as they are both antibacterial and anti-static. But best of all? They’re water resistant and heat resistant. So yes girls, you can use these safely with a hairdryer! Look no further for a brush that can combat tangles whilst you blow dry, because this is the one. 

The Tangle Angel comes in numerous designs with varying functions (you can even get them for your fluffbutt pets!), and I am lucky enough to own the standard Tangle Angel*, a Tangle Cherub*, and the super cute Tangle Angel Baby*. 

The standard Tangle Angel* (RRP £14.95) measures just under 19cm in height and is the largest version I own. I keep this one in my bedroom for every day use and it’s my new best friend when I’m drying my hair – no more switching brushes!

The Tangle Cherub* (RRP £9.95) is simply a smaller version of the Tangle Angel, measuring just short of 15cm. I make the most of the smaller size by using this as my handbag brush. It comes with me everywhere for when I’m in need of a detangle.

Finally, this cutie is the Tangle Angel Baby* (RRP £3.95). It measures a petite 8cm and comes with a keyring on it. I keep this on my house key which means I always have it handy when I’m on a night out or out for a meal with a smaller bag that can’t quite squeeze in my Tangle Cherub.

The Tangle Angel is a definite contender when it comes to rivalling the Tangle Teezer, and though I won’t be throwing out my Teezer any time soon, I’ve started started having Tangle Angels by my side dailyAnd now you can too!

You could win yourself a standard Tangle Angel and a Tangle Angel Baby with Beauty, Books and Babble, and I have 5 pairs to giveaway (colours may vary!). The giveaways close at midnight on Sun 7th Feb, and it’s open to the UK only – sorry! There are three ways to enter:

  1. Two winners will be selected on Twitter. Simply follow @ashtongibbs and @tangleangel, and retweet this competition tweet.
  2. One winner will be selected on Facebook. Just like my page, Beauty, Books and Babble, like this competition post, and then share it so your friends can join in too!
  3. Finally, two winners will be selected using the Rafflecopter widget below. Submit as many entries as you can and keep your fingers crossed!

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I’d love to hear what you think of the Tangle Angel in the comments below, and good luck! ツ

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  • They're so cute! I love the mini ones they'd be a great handbag essential!

  • I love all the different sizes they come in especially the Angel Baby very handy when out & about 🙂

  • I love the design and love that there are different sizes and colours to choose from. My favourite is the purple one.

  • I love the look to them, so adorable on top of being practical! 🙂

  • they look great and just perfect for everyday use, one for home, one for hand bag perfect

  • Ashton these colours are amazing!! I adore the metallic effect of them!

    Jordan | JordanCourtney

  • they are so petty x

  • They are gorgeous my two girls are begging me to to them one

  • These look great, love the little handbag sized ones and the colours are amazing 🙂

  • I love them they look great!


  • I think my girls would love them. They are nicely designed.

  • They look so cute!

  • I think they are great and that my daughter would love one.

    Lynsey Buchanan

  • They are so cute! I really love the purple one! 🙂

    Chloe | mojichlo

  • I think they are fantastic, and I love the fact there are different sizes! My hair gets terribly tangled and my brush has just broken (the cushion has come out of the back again!) so I could definitely do with this 🙂

  • These are soo gorgeous and pretty oh my! I've never heard of them but I'll definitely be looking at them now!

    Whitney | Beauty Affair

  • I think they are fabulous, I love that they make them in different sizes so you can take them everywhere you go and the design is amazing … just love them

  • These are adorable! I've heard so many good things about Tangle Teazers but I've never actually seen them in store. These are soo cute! I especially love the teal one – MY FAVOURITE COLOUR!


  • Im amazed by these in general, i love my tangle teezer but i can never grip it and these having a handle are really good for me =]

  • Lots of choice and love them.

  • They're fantastic and a nice variety as well.

  • Love the bright colours, very modern and stylish. I'd carry the little ones in my handbag everywhere.

  • all of these look fab!!

  • I love the keyring one it looks really handy! X

  • I like that they are pretty and practical, especially the Keyring.

  • I think that these brushed would keep my hair tangle free and they would look so great on my dresser!

  • I've never seen these before but they look great, lovely colours and design. My hair is always getting tangled so one of these would be really helpful.

  • I have honestly never seen these before! They look amazing, so many beautiful colours and the design is so pretty! I love the fact there are different sizes, perfect for keeping on my dressing table, popping in my handbag and on my keyring for little touch ups on the go!

  • I have used a similar product which my daughter has pinched so need a tangle teaser and what better than an angel to look after my locks. Gorgeous design and the colours are great. I love the teeny tiny one for your bag.

  • Great gift ideas.

  • I love the Tangle Cherub as it is perfect for your handbag. Think the baby one would be too small for my liking though.

  • Terrific colours and a great product

  • These are amazing , I love the way it can be stood up on the dressing table. and love a keyring one so I always have one with me .

  • I think they are great fun.

  • I love these! So unique & kawaii <3


  • Love them! The mini brush is perfect for my handbag – I need one in my life

    Kelly Ellen Hirst

  • My hair got really tangled last Christmas and I could of really of done with one of these. It was that bad my hairdresser had to cut it out!

  • My hair got really tangled last Christmas and I could of really of done with one of these. It was that bad my hairdresser had to cut it out!

  • I adore the tangle angel brushes! They look amazing, and it's so cool that they do baby ones! The metalllic look is gorgeous, and the baby matte black one is just the cutest!
    Exciting giveaway hehe <3

  • Great – I currently have a tangle teezer but my daughter finds it hard to use x

  • love the different sizes as the little one will fit in handbag

  • They look fab, I love the colours, would love one for my Granddaughter x

  • I'm so sad this giveaway is closed, these sound great! Thanks for the recommendation anyway!

    Sinéad ♥ fabuleuse, toujours ♥

  • I neeeeeed one of these!! luckily I am your bestie so I get to use yours 😉

  • I neeeeeed one of these!! luckily I am your bestie so I get to use yours 😉

  • thanksfor sharing this,love the look of these x