Alone this Valentines? Have a date with yourself!

As you all know, the day of love is just around the corner. A day when red rose sales are at an ultimate high, jewellery is flying off the shelves, and restaurants are overflowing with happy couples. But what if you’re alone this Valentine’s? Your partner might not believe in the holiday (*cough cough* Damian!), or you could live apart. Maybe you’re happily married with children and time together seems an impossibility, or maybe you’ve just not found the special one yet. Then what? Then you have a date with yourself for the night, and here are some fabulous ways to do it (and some lovely giveaways will follow to get you started)…

  • Grab yourself a book (a girly romance will be perfect!), get some candles lit, whip on a snuggly jumper and settle down on the sofa for a long, warm night with some book boyfriends or in magical place a world away from your living room sofa.
  • Love isn’t just about partners! Why not settle down with a cocktail and some cute stationery? Write a note to your besties telling them just why you love them, or reminisce on some good times in a greetings card for them. Grace & Valour stock the perfect cards for this… And you can win some if you keep reading!
  • Whether we like to admit it or not, we all have an ultimate celebrity crush. For me it’s always going to be Bradley Cooper or Sam Claflin. Maybe you’re more of a Johnny Depp or a Channing Tatum kind of woman? Either way, rent or download a few of their movies and treat yourself to cosy night in with tonnes of on-screen eye-candy.
  • Get crafty! I find nothing more relaxing than adult colouring books, and I can also spend hours doing cross stitch. Find a craft you enjoy and spend your night getting creative. Tonnes of fun, and you’ll have something pretty to show for it at the end.
  • Since you’re not going to be spending your hard-earned cash on someone else this Valentine’s, you might as well spend it on yourself. Whether it’s a spa day, some jewellery, a salon splurge or a massive online clothes haul, treat yourself to something special – and don’t feel guilty about it!

There you have it! Five ways to spend your Valentine’s if you’re alone this year. Now for the really exciting part… How about some special giveaways to help you get your evening started? I have some fabulous prizes lined up for you below (T&Cs are at the bottom!)…

For all you lonely bookworms, I have two fabulous books waiting for you. You can win a copy of Claudia Carroll’s Meet Me in Manhattan courtesy of Avon Books, and there’s also a signed paperback up for grabs from the lovely Rachel Brimble.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

For those who of you who would like to try getting crafty this Valentine’s, The Treasured are letting me giveaway a beautiful ‘Sleep Tight’ embroidery kit by Make Arcade.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Want a snuggly jumper to settle down in? BonPrix are offering one lucky winner a jumper of their choice from their knitwear collection up to the value of Β£30.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you like the idea of sending greetings cards to your friends, why not enter to win three fabulous cards from Grace & Valour? The beautiful cards up for grabs are Shake Your Tail Feather, Oh You Magnificent Bitch and Chillax

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Want to treat yourself but can’t quite afford to? You can win a beautiful dragonfly scarf thanks to Find4YouAccessories. It’s a gorgeous dark red colour – click here to see a picture! If you can’t wait, use discount code BEAUTYBOOKSBABBLE for 15% off!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

So what are you waiting for? Get entering! They’re open to the UK only and close at midnight on February 9th. Good luck, and in the meantime I’d love to hear what you’re up to this Valentine’s in the comments below. ツ
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  • My valentines will be spent with my hubby to be watching trash tv πŸ™‚

  • On 14 i will be at home with my parents, nothing special. Jip, i'm single and i prefer it that way. So i don't know what i will be doing, currently i'm thinking of doing making a lovely lunch for the three of us. Dirty Dancing are my fav movie of all time! Just a pity i'm not UK based otherwise i would have entered.

  • Great tips. I'll be working during the day but in the evening my boyfriend will be cooking a lovely meal and and we'll be spending quality time together.

  • Brother's birthday is 15th and my son's is 16th so we're having an early family get-together on the 14th to celebrate both birthdays!

  • I will be having a takeaway for tea with my hubby & our daughter before our daughter goes to bed & hubby goes to work on nights! x

  • Amazing giveaways girlie πŸ˜€
    Loving all your posts at the moment you are doing so well !!

    Alex ox

  • What a lovely load of giveaways, thank you very much for offering them to us all.
    My plans for Valentine's Day are to spend it with my Hubby, but I'm not sure what we will do, maybe the cinema? Hope you have a nice weekend too.

  • I will be working on Valentines day in the morning but hopefully my hubby will surprise me in the sfternoon! thank you for the lovely giveaways! Katherine De Riera

  • I'm going to make a lovely meal for hubby & me then we'll watch a film with a glass of wine or two… πŸ™‚

  • No bt so no plans

  • I'm single so no plans

  • I'm single so I'm planning a romantic night in with Ben & Jerry lol x

  • Just recovering from flu so probably quiet night in with bottle of prosecco.

  • Really don't have any plans for Valentine's, but will be treating myself to a nice dinner x

  • Drive daughter to see family for half term then back home for takeaway and cuddle in peace hehe xx

  • I'll be working all weekend πŸ™‚

  • We will be having a quiet weekend and a lovely meal out at the local Indian restaurant

  • im working this year i work on a maternity ward bt my fiance will have a meal cooked for me when i get home xxx

  • Probably same as always a night in with a takeaway & a film x Nothing exciting πŸ™‚

  • A quiet night in.

  • We are going for sunday lunch as a family. Once our little ones are in bed we will probably snuggle up in front of a movie


  • I shall be staying at home with my husband for a romantic evening.

  • Planning on having a lovely Valentines meal at home

  • Staying in and watching a film

  • ME and my husband are going out for dinner to a lovely little italian restaurant! πŸ˜€

  • My plans are to go on a little shopping trip in the morning then have home-cooked Steak and Chips for tea and watch a good Disney movie!

  • I don't have any plans romantically as I don't have a partner, but will be spending it with my dog (who's a boy) and watching horror films because I love them. πŸ™‚

  • Will spend Valentines with my lovely hubby.

  • I have no idea. I am expecting my husband to surprise me

  • Hoping for a lovely meal, lots of flattery and plenty of chocs…but might have to do with a takeaway πŸ˜‰

  • we are just having a movie followed by a takeaway πŸ™‚

  • I'm single so will spend it with my little ones (my loved ones) x

  • A quiet night in with a nice meal.

  • Working!

  • Nice meal at home with the Fiance

  • We'll just be staying in

  • Nothing spectacular. It's not always easy to makes plans around kids, and dogs, and life in general.

  • I will be spending it with my son as my husband is away at the rugby πŸ™

  • On Saturday we'll spend some family time together. On Sunday afternoon the lads are heading to a match so I'll get some pampering treatments and we'll have a cosy night in with a roaring fire and a takeaway and I'm hoping some yummy chocs for desert πŸ™‚ #HappyValentinesDay <3 #SharingTheLove <3

  • We are going out for our usual Sunday Dinner x

  • Spending time with family.

  • I am working during the day, but will have a nice quiet meal at home with my hubby before snuggling on the sofa to watch a DVD x

  • At night in with a lovely meal, just the two of us

  • My husband and I are going out for a 'date day' including lunch, a couple of drinks and an evening meal out on our own, without the children for the first time in a very long time!

  • My plans are to curl up with the dogs and eat chocolate!

  • Not sure, my husband has planned a surprise!

  • My plans for Valentine Day are for a quiet day at home – starting with making my husband toast with a heart and I love you indented on it. We'll have one of our favourite meals at home in the evening followed by a favourite movie.

    Hazel Rea – @beachrambler

  • To chill out fully

  • Just going to chill out and unwind a little before the start of the new week.

  • I will be having a nice meal with my husband

  • We will be babysitting our little granddaughter so our daughter and her husband can have a romantic evening without the baby

  • I will b at home as usual

  • I will b at home as usual

  • It'll be a normal day, apart from exchanging cards.

  • Staying in,feel sorry for me and cheer me up by winning this competition! Hint hint x

  • I don't have any plans for Valentines being a singleton!

  • Decorating my Daughters bedroom πŸ™‚ lol x