Sol Pelicanos Ocas, Benidorm


Blackpool with sun. That’s what they say about Benidorm, right?

Quite honestly, they’re not wrong. But I bloomin’ love it. And being big fans of the TV show, we opted for the very hotel it was filmed in – Sol Pelicanos Ocas.

Situated pretty much in the middle of town, we were just 300m away from Lavante beach and right next to an indoor marketplace, whilst a five minute walk took us straight to the strip with all of the bars and clubs. We were in a great location to reach all of the main attractions and yet far enough away for when we instead decided to enjoy a relaxed night in.

The hotel is made up of two buildings – the Pelicanos and the Ocas. I’ve stayed in both now and can safely say I was pleased each time. Staying here allows you access to both buildings and so you’re effectively getting a two for one package – everything comes in pairs!

The rooms don’t quite scream luxury, but they’re bright, clean and modern with everything we needed for a girly holiday. Most importantly, the bathroom was spacious and clean, and the beds were comfortable enough to ensure I had a good night’s sleep every night. The air-conditioning, LCD TV and mini-fridge were added bonuses which made us feel a little bit more at home in our room. A room which I sadly didn’t get photos of and so have had to use one from their website, bad blogger!

Sol Pelicanos Ocas hotel room

Photo belongs to Sol Hotels

We opted for the all inclusive package (and I had never stayed all inclusive anywhere before!), and with an array of bars, restaurants to pools to head in and out of, most of our days were spent within the hotel grounds soaking up the sun, enjoying the entertainment and dining in the buffet restaurants and snack bars.

The main pool area was magnificent, and with a swim up bar, statues and fountains dispersed throughout the water, it made for a picturesque swimming area. It was often difficult for us to find three sunbeds next to one another, but it was never an issue as it was easy enough to manoeuvre a couple around. During our stay, part of the pool was sectioned off due to Benidorm filming there, and though we weren’t allowed to take photos of the filming area, I managed to grab a selfie with Johnny Vegas in between takes. (And he was ever such a lovely man, may I add, and spent a good few hours near the pool making sure to get photos with all of the guests.)

Tonnes of activities were planned throughout the day for all ages, and the entertainment team were incredible. From a Flinstones daytime kids club through to an evening of entertainment from comedy acts, tributes and musicals, there was something for everyone, and I personally enjoyed numerous aqua dance classes and the odd aqua spin class. I don’t think I’ve ever quite enjoyed a fitness class so much before, and I owe a special shoutout to Alex and Emilio who never failed to make our day just that little bit brighter. (I should also add here that Emilio promised to pay for us to come back… 😉)

The staff working behind the bars and in the restaurants were also incredibly lovely and constantly had smiles on their faces whilst serving and speaking to guests.

Being a bit – okay, a lot – of a fussy eater, I’ve usually stayed clear of all inclusive packages in case there’s nothing I like at the hotel. This wasn’t the case at Sol Pelicanos Ocas. The selection seemed to be never ending with multiple fish and meat dishes, salad and pasta bars, a tonne of sides, kids meals, a multitude of fruit and desserts, and yes – they even had Yorkshire puddings! And the buffet style service means that you can try a little bit of everything (and then burn off the extras in the aqua dance classes). 😝

If you’re heading to Benidorm any time soon, I urge you to consider Sol Pelicanos Ocas, and definitely take them up on their all inclusive package. It was incredibly affordable and we definitely got our money’s worth with plenty of food and drink and more than enough to keep us occupied in the hotel grounds (though you should definitely head out to visit Mundomar and Benidorm Palace)!

Have you been to Benidorm before? Let me know what you like to get up to when you’re there!


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