5 Make-Up Magicians You Should Follow on Instagram

Sadly, I am not blessed in the make-up application department. It’s not like I’m really bad and end up with lipstick all over my face and mascara in my eyebrows (not all the time anyway, lol), but neither can I create a wicked smokey eye blend nor chisel my face with exceptional contouring. This doesn’t stop me enjoying make-up or reviewing products that work well for me, but if you want to look for someone with incredible make-up skills, then these are the accounts you need to check out on Instagram…

Maya Mia (@maya_mia_y)

Of the five make-up extraordinaires I am about to mention, Maya Mia is the one I’ve followed for the longest. She’s absolutely stunning to look at and creates some incredible make-up looks, especially when it comes to eyeshadow blending. Oh, and she follows me on Twitter, which is pretty darn cool!



Laura Leth (@laura_leth)

First thing’s first: major girl crush right here. Laura Leth is clearly skilled with a set of make-up brushes, but I must confess, I sometimes scroll through her feed just to admire her herself rather than her make-up. She’s absolutely gorgeous.

Isabel (@makeupby_isabel)

Isabel is a YouTuber and make-up queen. I love following her on Instagram in particular because she posts plenty of speedy video tutorials on her feed and I adore seeing her transformations.

Kasey Rayton (@kaseyrayton)

Ah Kasey, Kasey, Kasey. If you decide to follow Kasey you get a feed full of gorgeous photos scattered with the occasional speedy video tutorial. Kasey has created some of my fave make-up looks ever (her multi-coloured look was just heavenly!).

Em Ford (@mypaleskinblog)

Last, but by no means least, is a girl you’ve probably seen before after her touching video, You Look Disgusting, went viral (and rightly so!). She creates some awesome looks and simply seems like a cool, down-to-earth girl. What a beauty.

So, there you go. Five amazing make-up artists I think you should go and follow on Instagram! Don’t forget to find me on Instagram here, and let me know if you follow any of these guys in the comments below. ツ

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