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Wish Upon a Christmas Cake tells the story of sweet and kind Katie, who is trying to come up with any reason to avoid Christmas with her family. She justs want the best Christmas ever, but she can’t see that happening. But when she turns up to the manor where her family are spending Christmas, a familiar face stirs feelings within Katie that she thought she’d buried deep…

“Had I made a huge mistake letting him go nearly a decade ago?”

Her first love, and recent widower, is spending the Christmas period with her family, along with his two young children. Katie finds herself on edge, and he becomes a constant reminder of the love they once shared almost a decade ago. Surely after all of this time, they can’t still be meant for each other… can they?

This was the first Christmas book I’ve read this year, and it definitely got me into the festive mood. Darcie Boleyn did a wonderful job of painting the Christmas pictures with words, and the warmth festive spirit definitely lifted from the page and straight to my heart. (Yes, I’m a sucker for Christmas.)

Although primarily a love story between Katie and her first love Sam, we as readers get to witness so many other dynamics through the book. There’s sibling love, parental love, and plain old traditional love-of-my-life love throughout the story.

“Partners cheated, lovers left, spouses died. How on earth were we supposed to find happiness when it was all so difficult, when doing the wrong thing sometimes felt so right?”

The characters were all extremely relatable, and I found I liked and connected with every single one of them, from Katie’s opiniated mother Esther, to her gay brother’s Italian boyfriend Angelo. The relationships displayed on each and every page were truly heart-warming, and I found myself touched by certain acts of love throughout the story.

Whilst this was a fun and uplifting story, there was a deeper underlying tone of loss, and how families come together to deal with it. The author touches on a couple of real-life subjects that are upsetting, but manages to spin the story round and turn it into something positive and uplifting, showing just how your family and friends can really pull you through during dark times.

“Life is full of loss and pain which is why we have to savour the good times and treasure the memories.”

Filled with loving relationships, heartaache and hope, Wish Upon a Christmas Cake is a nice, easy read about family coming together and reigniting long lost loves at Christmastime.

All this started with a wish upon a Christmas cake…

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