Christmas Clothing I Want to Wear All Year Long

I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve never been one to go out of my way to buy some particularly festive fashion on the run up to Christmas. Sure, I’ve got the odd pair of Christmassy socks and I’ve had the occasional pair of pants that feature animals in knitwear (thanks M&S!), but I’ve never gone out of my way to find a cheesy festive piece to take me through December.

This year, however, for the first time, I will be spending Christmas in my very own house with my boyfriend – eek! – and I decided that I wanted to do just that whilst snuggling next to my very own tree, on my very own sofa, in my very own Christmas clothing. And so began the hunt for festive fashion, and I found a fair few things I want to get my hands on…

1. Merry Pugmas Christmas Jumper – Missguided – £20.00
This is a nice, casual Christmas jumper that’s not too cheesy, and is actually pretty cool. I love the length and fit. And I love the pug too, obvs.

2. Santa Slippers – Missguided – £12.00
If you were to offer me slippers in the shape of santa, I would probably politely refuse and think that that’s just a little bit too Christmassy. Whilst browsing Missguided, however, I couldn’t help but stop as I scrolled past these babies. Just look at his little face. He’s the cutest Santa I ever did see.

3. Stone Christmas Pug Slippers – New Look – £14.99
Yes, I’m one of those annoying people that will buy anything with a pug on it. I’m not even sorry. And this pug has a Christmas hat on. Who doesn’t wanna walk round their house on Christmas morning with festive pugs on their feet?!

4. Novelty Christmas Shower Cap – Peacocks – £4.00
Okay, so this one I could definitely wear all year long with no worries, since not a soul sees me with a shower cap on. I am fairly certain I would rock this in the shower, no?

5. Beauty and the Beast Christmas Pyjama Set – Topshop – £28.00
If you’re like me and you’re a fully grown adult that still adores Disney (I’m pretty sure that’s every blogger out there, right?!), then these jim jams will be right up your street. These are easy to wear all year round because the only Christmassy thing about them is the snowdrops on the top – not much at all really. Plus I’d be more than happy to rock the pyjama bottoms with a plain white tee!

6. Christmas Pug Jumper – Matalan – £18.00
Surprise, surprise – another pug! This jumper is probably my favourite of the two I’ve featured. I love the way the knitted pug looks – just look at them eyes! I’m also a fan of the speckled effect the sequins create on the black knit. Perfect for Christmas eve drinks with friends!

7. Wildfox Christmas Santa Gnomes Romper – Asos – £103.00
Well, at a whopping £103, I’d be a flaming idiot not to get my money’s worth by wearing this all year long. Clearly, this is well out of my price range, but I wanted to pop this on here for you all to see because it’s so damn pretty. This I shall admire, but not purchase!

8. Asos Christmas Snowman Oversized Tee – Asos – £18.00
Being a soft jersey fabric and a generous fit, this oversized tee is perfect for wearing to bed on the Winter nights that are approaching. Heck, I’d happily wear this around the house all day with a pair of leggings and a chunky cardigan too. It looks super comfy.

9. Christmas Pudding Pyjama Set – Missguided – £18.00
These are just the cutest. Christmas puddings just always look so cute. Seriously, how does a food look cute all the time?! And I really want to wear two puddings on my, er, puddings. Gimme gimme!

10. Photographic Merry F*cking Christmas T-Shirt – Missguided – £12.00
This tee is so current and so cool. I love it. Anything with a pin-up girl on it automatically looks awesome, and being quite a potty mouth myself, the added swear word is pretty f*cking perfect for me!

So they’re my ten picks for festive fashion this year. I’d love to hear which ones take your fancy, and whether you’ve had any luck finding your Christmas wardrobe this year? Let me know in the comments below. ツ
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