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As most of you probably know, since I haven’t stopped wittering on about it, I attended a Hull Bloggers meet a couple of weeks ago (which was brilliant, by the way!) and one of the stalls that set up there was the colourful array that is Lush Hull.

Not only were they spoiling us with demonstrations and pampering, they’d also brought along tonnes of their products so that we could treat ourselves, and they even provided each of us with a goodie bag with three products. Yes! Three Lush products for free! So today I’m going to run you through both my freebies and buys, telling you my initial thoughts before I get to using and reviewing them!

I’ll start by taking you through our wonderful goodie bag. First up, we each got a coloured ‘Fun’* (mine was yellow!) which claims to have four different uses – bubbles, soap, shampoo, and simply fun! I’ll let you know how this turns out, but I can start by saying it smells wonderful.

We also each received a small pot of ‘Don’t Look At Me’* face mask, which is a product I’d not heard of! It’s an interesting blue colour and smells so fresh – perfect for a weekend pampering session. I can’t wait to use it very soon.

Finally, from our freebie bag, was the ‘Granny Takes a Dip’* bubble bar. This is a popular product I’ve heard a lot about but never actually used. The colours are beautiful, it smells like sweeties and it’s a decent size which I reckon I can definitely make last, though I’ll confirm this when I review it!

Then, of course, little old spendaholic Ashton couldn’t resist buying a few more products to take home as well (along with encouraging Megan to do the same!).

The first thing I grabbed without hesitation was ‘The Experimenter’ bath bomb. This is a fairly new product to Lush stores and I have seen so many people rave about it on Twitter, so how could I say no?! The colours are spectacular, the shape is unusual and the smell is not what I expected, though more on that when I review it!

I also swiftly grabbed a ‘Rose Jam’ bubbleroon. Why? Well, it’s pretty, it’s pink and it’s sparkly… I wasn’t gonna turn that down was I?! It has a lovely rose smell and this is another product I definitely think I can make last with a few uses!

The lovely Lush girls then showed us how to use the ‘Golden Handshake’ hot hand mask. It’s comes on a cute wooden stick (kind of like a lollipop!) and you simply add hot water to get a hot, creamy mask. It smells great on the stick – I’m hoping the hot water will enhance the smell further!

Finally, the big tub of blue body scrub is the ‘Rub Rub Rub’. I received a heavenly exfoliating hand massage from the Lush girls with this product (I could have honestly drifted off to sleep, it was so relaxing!), and I saw the results immediately. My hand was so smooth and soft, and the smell was just gorgeous. I could still smell it by the end of the event, even after washing my hands! I can’t wait to see how it works on my full body.

Do you like the look of any of the products? Or have you tried them before? Let me know in the comments! ツ

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