Tell Tale Signs You're Becoming a Crazy Cat Lady

Nowadays you don’t have to look far to come across something cat related in every day life. It’s not hard to stumble upon a cat website, cat clothing, cat homeware, cat TV shows. Cats, cats, cats, cats, cats. And it’s awesome.

My cat obsession began years ago when my family took in a stray, who is now known to the world as Minnie Moo. She’s fat (like reeeeally fat). She’s evil. She’s miserable. She’s a rubbish cat. But she’s my baby and I wouldn’t have her any other way.

If you’re looking forward to reading this post, something tells me there’s a feline you’re fond of somewhere out there, whether it’s yours, a friends, the one that wanders down your street or simply a famous little guy you watch on YouTube. But how close are you to becoming a crazy cat lady (or lad)? Here are some tell tale signs that might help you decide…

  • You can’t walk past your cat without touching them. Every. Single. Time. No matter where she may be laying, I can’t resist stroking my baby. Most of the time she senses me coming and takes refuge under some form of furniture. Doesn’t stop me reaching for her there though. A tiny brush of the fur will satisfy me until next time.
  • You talk to him/her like a human. “Morning Moo! You look very cute tucked up there in your bed. Yes, I love you too.” That’s pretty much my general start to the day. Can’t beat a good old chinwag with your cat in the morning!
  • Moving from the sofa when the cat is on your lap is simply not an option. Especially when your cat is as evil, unsociable and moody as mine. I have to savour every single second I can when she chills out on my knee. If this means majorly training my pelvic floor muscles due to holding in that wee I’ve needed for the past hour, then so be it. That is one sacrifice I’m willing to make.
  • Any item of clothing that features cats is very appealing to you. A poor girl like me can’t buy all the clothes I want, but I certainly know how to admire any clothes remotely cat related, no matter how ugly they are. Do I even have a tshirt with my own cat on it? No comment
  • Your cat is on social media. Because people obviously want to see what your cat is up to, right? My cat has her very own Facebook page, and though the poor girl hasn’t posted for a while, she still gets tagged in plenty of photos and gets numerous ‘Happy Birthday‘s!
  • You’ve adopted some, erm, interesting sleeping positions. Because, let’s face it, no one wants to disturb a sleeping kitty cat, even if she is slap bang in the middle of your bed. It’s okay, that’s why they invented yoga, so you can stretch your way around your sleeping cat at night.
  • Your camera roll looks like a cat gallery. Whenever my cat’s looking particularly cute (i.e. every day), I just have to get a photo of her. That, alongside the numerous random kitty cats I’ve saved from the net, makes for a very meow-filled camera roll on my phone.
  • You wear your scratches with pride. I love to play with my cat… Okay, by play I mean I love to tease my cat until she ends up attacking me, resulting in hands covered in numerous red lines. People are then prompted to ask what on earth happened to my hand, allowing me to smile and reminisce on the fun times, ahhh
  • You get warm fuzzies in your tummy. Even just thinking of Minnie Moo right now is making me feel warm inside. She’s one in a million and I love her to bits and I don’t even care if that makes me sad. She’s turned me into one crazy cat lady, and I am not ashamed!

So, what’s the verdict? Are you on the road to becoming a crazy cat lady? Let me know in the comments below, and please feel free to share your funny cat stories with me!
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