6 Tips on Being Prepared for Airport Parking

Summer is slowly creeping up on us, and I can’t wait. (Creep quicker summer, I’ve missed you.) And with summer comes, of course, lots of summer holidays and city breaks. Cocktails by the pool, exploring idyllic streets, discovering somewhere new and finding fun things to do.

But before all of that, chances are you’ll have to make your way to an airport. For some of us, this means an excitement-filled and adrenaline-fuelled drive to the airport. And here are a few things I think you should be prepared for when it comes to airport parking…

Be prepared to book early to get yourself a good deal. 💰
You’ve booked a holiday. Best feeling ever. I know it well. But now it’s time to get prepping! Flights and airport always take priority. But what about getting to the airport? And if you’re driving, where will you park? Airport car parks are like trains and flights: the earlier you book, the better the price. So get planning as soon as your holiday is confirmed to grab yourself a deal, especially if it’s a summer break! Left it until last minute? Fear not. There are a number of other ways to save money on airport parking.

Be prepared to drive around in circles for approximately 625963 minutes. 🚗
Today’s the day! Time to jet off somewhere nice. You’ve had a lovely ol’ drive to your airport parking of choice and have major holiday excitement. I hope you gave yourself plenty of time though, because you’ve still got some more driving ahead of you… time to find yourself an elusive parking space. Have a quick sip of water whilst you can, and forget about a toilet break any time soon; it’s time to drive round and round in circles in hopes a spot will magically appear somewhere. Good luckand don’t f**k it up! (RuPaul quotes really work for everything.)

Be prepared to have a tonne of Ford KAs fool you into thinking they’re an empty space. 🙈
C’mon, you know the moment I mean. You spot a space on your right. Finally! You pull up ready to swing into it aaaaand… there’s a tiny Ford KA there. This happens in every car park imaginable, but it’s especially frustrating in an airport car park since you’re driving around hundreds and hundreds of times. The same lil Ford KA will fool you a dozen times, and your hopes will take a bigger hit each time you’re hoodwinked. Mentally prepare yourself for the disappointment and remember that perseverance is key. You’ve got this, keep searching…

Be prepared to suck it in and squeeze out of the tiniest gap. 👯
Okay, you’ve driven round and round approximately one million times, vowed never to trust anyone with a Ford KA ever again, and finally have a spot in the car park. You’re feeling pretty good about yourself right now, especially if you managed to nail a reverse bay park in the process. That is, until you realise the space you have to squeeze out of your car is rather limited. With a booty like mine, it’s an extra struggle. Firstly, warn your friends not to dink the car next to you (I’m naming no names, *cough*, you know who are…), and then it’s time to suck it in and get some crazy yoga style poses going to manoeuvre out of the car door. I hope your suitcases are in the boot rather than on the back seat, otherwise you’re screwed…

Be prepared to actually remember where you parked. (Better yet, write it down.) 📝
Yoga poses done, suitcases unloaded, and you’re ready to head over to check-in. “Okay, zone B11. Let’s go, I’ll remember that!” Ah. Famous last words. You spent all of that time hunting down an ultra-rare airport parking space and even managed to nail your parking spot squeeze and shuffle. Be proud of it. You write down that zone, girl. Pop in your notes app, superstar. You own it. (No, seriously. Write it down. I’ve forgotten it a million times. Not good.)

Be prepared to hate your car just a little bit when you land. 😤
You’re strolling through the airport arrivals area, sunkissed skin, sea salt in your hair, duty free goodies in tow, and though you have a little bit of the holiday blues already, you’re feeling pretty elated after an awesome time. And then you remember your car in the car park. And you resent it a bit. Because your car means home time and a definite end to the holiday. As if that’s not bad enough, you’re tired and have to drive it alllll the way home yourself. Why don’t cars have autopilot goddamnit?! Get me back on that plane. Now.

Do you have airport parking experience? Were you prepared for the above?

This post was sponsored by Cheapflights.co.uk.

This post was sponsored.
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