Capital Coast Resort, Paphos, Cyprus: Hotel Review

When I think of October, I tend to think of orange autumn leaves, cold drizzly rain and creamy hot chocolates by the fire. A pretty standard autumntime in the UK, right? But October had a bit of a different vibe for me last year. Trade the orange autumn leaves for red-yellow sunsets, the drizzly rain for poolside splashes and the hot chocolates for cocktails by the sea, and that pretty much sums up my time at Capital Coast Resort in Cyprus last October.

Having spent a few days nestled between the trees of Ayii Anargyri already, relaxing and putting our feet up, we wound our way down the mountains and headed down to the beach for a change of scenery and a bit of adventure.

Is it possible to fall in love with a room?

As we made our way into the lobby, we found ourselves gawping at the ground room before us – beautiful decor surrounded us, sparkling chandeliers hovered above our heads and in the dining area full length windows showed off the expanse of blue sea the hotel was sat next to.

Despite arriving too early for check-in, the receptionist swiftly grabbed our key for us without complaint and talked us through everything we needed to know before letting us head straight to our room, where a little surprise awaited…

Did I mention it was my birthday that day? No? Oh.

Well, it was my birthday that day! And when I got to my room (top floor, might I add!), I found a bottle of wine and a birthday card from the manager waiting for me. How lovely is that!? Needless to say, first impressions were good!

But that’s not the most exciting part. Because our room was amaaaaazing. Our room wasn’t even a room. It was 4 or 5 rooms making up a suite. The vast living area was home to a dining table and chairs, a TV with English channels (yay!), a large bouncy sofa, comfortable armchairs and a cute coffee table. And there was still enough room to cartwheel around them. Seriously. It. Was. Massive.

A kitchenette sat in the corner with every appliance you could have needed – microwave, oven, blender, fridge, freezer, washing machine – you name it! As we headed to the bedroom we found two beds (complete with a bedside cabinet each), a large wardrobe, a dressing table and another TV so we could watch movies snuggled up under our duvets if we wished!

Just outside of the bedroom was a bathroom with the most wonderful shower I have had the pleasure of using. Jets for your head, jets for your torso, jets for your booty. As if that wasn’t enough, there was a final little room that held a second toilet, just in case we needed a tinkle at the same time.

And finally, the balcony. A magnificent balcony with a table and chairs which not only overlooked the pool, but the endless expanse of azure sea too. It was the perfect place to unwind and enjoy the radiant sun setting over the glistening Paphos waters.

Confession time: I was so excited about the room that I FaceTimed with everyone I could to show off and then forgot to take enough photos. Bad blogger award goes to me!

Stuffing my face (and I’m not even ashamed!)

I’m notoriously a fussy eater, and so my biggest panic when I stay at hotels is whether I’ll like the food. We stayed on a half board basis at Capital Coast, and having arrived at lunch time, we wasted no time heading down to the pool to sample the food and cocktails.

The pool bar was settled nicely in the shade, and staff were immediately friendly. Once we’d ordered, the food was brought to our table incredibly quickly. The menu had plenty of British options on there for bargain prices, which was much to my delight, and so I opted for a fish and chips to start off my stay, and the pool bar became our go-to spot for lunch.

When dinnertime rolled around, we had different themed grub each night, meaning our tastebuds were never bored and we managed to try something new every night we ate. With large self-serving counters, the gastronomic options for dinner and dessert were endless. Naturally, we accompanied our food with cocktails from the bar, and the fact they were served to us by a very handsome waiter was the cherry on top!

Morning greeted us with a buffet breakfast which included everything you’d expect from a hotel buffet and gave us another taste of home – scrambled eggs, beans, toast and jam, sausages, fruit and lots of coffee – making me and Charlotte two very happy holiday-goers.

Taking a dip and working up a sweat

Boasting two outdoor pools and a heated indoor pool as well, Capital Coast is the perfect place for water lovers to spend their days chilling in the pool. Varying depths in different sections of the pool ensured that each and every guest of the hotel was catered for, whether it be adults taking a dip or wee nippers making a splash.

I don’t tend to do anything more than sit with my legs in the water when it comes to pools, but I couldn’t resist immersing myself in the beautiful (albeit cold!) pool during my stay, and we even managed to make some friends as we bonded over the fact that from our tummies upwards, we couldn’t handle the chilly water.

For those days we didn’t fancy a swim, there were an abundance of comfortable sunbeds waiting for us to chill out on. And probably doze off too.

Sat upon the coastline, the hotel had a stunning view of the sea from the pool area, and even offered a variety of watersports. We didn’t manage to try any of them, but we did take advantage of the hotel’s gym (yes, I worked out on holiday!) which held both cardio and strength equipment for the guests.

There was also a reasonably priced mini-market on the resort selling everything you could need from cotton buds to water to souvenirs. And as if that wasn’t enough, a Lidl sat just across the road – perfect for those on a self-catering basis!

One of my favourite features of the hotel, though? The pretty little felines mooching around.

Yes. Crazy cat lady Ashton couldn’t resist spending half of her day petting the fluffy kitty cats every time they came past. There were about 5 or 6 of them and they were super friendly. Did I consider trying to smuggle them home? Maybe.

Exploring Paphos

With so much to do in Paphos, we made sure to dedicate a chunk of our time at Capital Coast to exploring, sightseeing and adventuring… and this hotel was in the perfect spot for us to do so.

A 15 minute walk took us straight to the Tomb of Kings, and another 40 minute walk after that (or a 10 minute bus ride which we discovered too late!) brought us straight to the Paphos Archaelogical Park. We spent over 5 hours walking around those attractions that day, and sadly I didn’t wear appropriate footwear. My poor feet bore the resulting blisters for quite a while, so take my advice: wear appropriate shoes! However, along with the blisters came some Instagram worthy photos, so it wasn’t all bad, right?

Just outside of our hotel sat a bus stop which gave quick, cheap and comfortable access to the beach, the marina, the town and the waterpark. At just €5 for a day pass, it was an absolute steal!

Please can I go back?!

Have you ever been somewhere and you fall in love with it the minute you settle in? Because that’s what happened for me at Capital Coast Resort. I knew immediately that I was going to adore it there and each day we found ourselves anticipating how sad we’d be when we left. (Spoiler: We were very sad.)

To say I’d return to this hotel in a heartbeat is an understatement, and with so many things to do in Paphos, I think round two is a must for me!

You can book a stay at Capital Coast Resort with On the Beach, and prices start at just £16 per adult per night – flippin’ bargain if you ask me!

Do you like to do a bit of exploring when you’re on holiday? What do you think to Capital Coast Resort?

*My stay at Capital Coast resort was complimentary thanks to On the Beach, but all extra food and drink, along with flights and transfers, were paid for by myself.

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