Guest Post: Brianna and Angelina’s Favourite Not-So-Popular books

This post is a guest post by Brianna from Fable’s Library. 🙂

Firstly, we want to thank Beauty, Books & Babble for letting us guest post 😀 THANK YOU SO MUCH THIS IS SUPER SUPER EXCITING!

Angelina and I have a tendency to read not so popular books, well Angelina has this problem a lot more than I do, but she’s not alone, ok?! There are a lot of hyped books that do so well, then there are the other books that come out at the same time and survive on only 500 reviews and ratings! Today’s post is all about the under-hyped, under-loved, deserving books we ADORED, even if they weren’t incredibly popular.

We tried to keep all the stats under 1000, unless the book has 1,000 ratings and only 300 reviews and vise versa (The Impostor Queen, I’m looking at you!)

And a mini note before we start: all of the stats we collected are from goodreads and may have changed since we started :).

1. The Impostor Queen by Sarah Fine 308 reviews and 1,283 ratings
Magical balance, chosen Queens, and TOTAL FEEL DESTRUCTION! This might be my new favorite YA fantasy beating out Sarah J. Maas… but they might also be tied for first :)! Sarah Fine built a world with a total dark and gray mood with perfect magic elements.

2.We’ll Never Be Apart by Emiko Jean– 275 Reviews, 986 rating
Freaky with a super plot twisty ending O_O!
I am the Nancy Drew of plot twists, I ALWAYS get the “super shocking ending” always! Until I read We’ll Never Be Apart… Emiko Jean LITERALLY blew my mind away with fantastic writing and chilling plotlines… so. good.

3. An Inheritance of Ashes– 209 reviews, 564 ratings
If you love a good, dark fantasy THIS IS THE BOOK FOR YOU! Ok, this book WAS really confusing, I will openly admit that, but it was good confusing, like Twilight Zone confusing. I can’t even begin to explain this book, it was kind of like historical fiction but set in a high fantasy yet realistic world and uh… I PUSH THIS BOOK ON ALL OF YOU!

4. Beyond the Red– 158 reviews, 329 ratings
I am REALLY shocked that Beyond the Red only had 158 reviews and 329 ratings when I checked. I am a HUGE science fiction fan, and Beyond the Red by Ava Jae is one of my all time FAVORITE sci fi books. GUYS, it’s about aliens, on a cool alien planet with awesome sauce writing D:. Please read it!

5. Watch the Sky by Kirsten Hubbard– 115 reviews, 351 ratings
Besides Percy Jackson, I don’t typically read Middle Grade books… I broke that rule when I saw Watch The Sky. This book left me speechless in the end, it’s heartfelt, sweet, and very mysterious. The open ended ending made me a bit mad, but it also left me thinking. This book was more than an end of the world preperation story, it’s about a family trying to figure out how to survive, how to live in even the hardest times :).

6. Fair Coin by E.C. Myers– 252 reviews, 1,121 ratings
I read this book on one sitting, I read it on the way to a campground, and all night the same day. My mom kept telling me to go outside but the book was too good and it was already night (I love my mom but this book was too good to stop)! Fair Coin was the first book I ever read about the Multiverse, and was definitely a great introduction to the topic. I am a HUGE E.C. Myers fan so I’ve loved all of his books he wrote, a wonderful author 🙂

7. The Truth by Jeffry W. Johnston– 97 reviews, 182 ratings
The Truth sounded perfectly amazing, mysterious and pretty intense. It did live up to my expectations but the ending still haunts me to this day. The Truth’s ending was explosive!

8. Strange Girl by Christopher Pike– 80 reviews, 267 ratings
I’ve read quite a few books by Christopher Pike but Strange Girl was my absolute favorite. It was mysterious and kind of light at the same time. Strange Girl was the kind of book that keeps you thinking past the last page, and it still has me thinking.

9. Sweet by Emmy Laybourne– 365 reviews, 1167 ratings
Emmy Laybourne’s books are SO intense and I’ve loved them all so much. Sweet was no different, it was a horrifying survival story with another amazing ending. Seriously, Sweet was one of my favorites by her.

10. Florence by Ciye Cho– 128 reviews, 281 ratings
A mermaid story with a pretty cover. Florence was another great, well written story that I enjoyed from the first page to the very last. The whole series was enjoyable as well, and it certainly deserves more love 🙂

The short of this post is, A TON of good books go unnoticed under the shadows of a big, hyped book. There are so many books and authors deserving of more reviews and ratings :). Hopefully you found some new recommendations!

Are any of these books on your list?
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