Dreaming of a life in Tenerife #BlogYourWayToSpain


I was a bit of a late starter when it came to sunshine holidays. My parents never had passports, and so caravan parks were where we spents our weeks off from school (and they were awesome by the way!). Finally, at the age of 18, I had my first holiday abroad. And my oh my, that was the spark that started my slight obsession with sunny holidays.

Being in a different country was so new and exciting that I vowed to visit a new destination every time we booked a holiday. That plan worked for a while, until something happened that I didn’t anticipatea resort stole a little piece of my heart.

Falling in love

I first visited South Tenerife in 2013 with one of my best friends and fell completely in love. The long stretch of beach, the dinky souvenir shops, the little restaurant on the corner with the lovely waiters, not to mention the incredible waterpark and zoo. Granted, these can be found in most holiday resorts, but something about Tenerife ignited a little flame in my heart that it seems cannot be extinguished. (Maybe it’s because their Sex on the Beach cocktails just seem to taste the best out of anywhere else?!)

I’ve been back every year since with my boyfriend, and he too has fallen
in love. The next step is taking my parents along in December (they
have finally ordered passports – yay
!) to see what they think because me
and Damian have plans for the future – we want to move to the gorgeous
that’s like our little home away from home, Tenerife.



Hoping to be lucky

After stumbling upon Clickstay’s competition for bloggers to be in with a chance of winning £1500 to spend on a dream villa break (don’t worry readers, there’s a chance for you too – keep reading!) along with £250 to spend at Sunday Somewhere (I’m completely lusting over these sunglasses now), the first thing I did was search for what they had to offer in Tenerife… and I wasn’t disappointed.

When I say I spent a good few hours looking through modern villas, rustic apartments and traditional townhouses, I am not exaggerating. Because I wasn’t just looking for the fanciest villa I could find, but I was looking for somewhere that I could imagine as home. Naturally, when visiting the island, my boyfriend and I have only ever stayed in a hotel, and so having the chance to stay somewhere alone would really give us a taste of the life we hope to have one day. And then I found this beauty.







Villa El Madronal

Beautifully furnished and featuring a gorgeous terrace and pool area, this villa is incredibly stylish and yet still homelythe perfect place to settle down, dont’cha think? Whilst we probably would never be able to afford a villa as large as this one (though a girl can dream, right?), it’s exactly the style I’d love, and in the perfect location in the resort of Playa de las Americas.

I’m in love with the bright rooms and the contrasting furnishings, and I’m ready to dive straight on to that bed right now. And can you imagine the blog photos you could get in this place?! You wouldn’t need to mess about waiting for sunshine or setting up your soft boxes ever again! Anyone would be incredibly lucky to live here, even if just for a week away from reality. (Yes please!)

Sharing the experience

Needless to say, I would drag my boyfriend along for the week. (I say drag, though I’m pretty sure he’d jump at the chance and get to the airport before I’ve even had chance to pack my suitcase.) With so many spare beds on offer, I suppose I could be a sweetie and offer the other rooms to my parents and my brothers in hopes that they would fall in love with Tenerife like I did. 😉

Midday strolls along the beach, getting lost in a book around the pool, cocktails on the Veronicas strip, munching on a perfect steak at our favourite restaurant, stunning shows at Loro Parque, a cheeky siesta after a long day in the sun, almost losing your bikini at Siam Park… what else does a person need? Psst, you get a pretty Instagram feed too!


Oh, sweet Tenerife…

Now, it’s time for me to curl up in a ball and dream of days in the Canary Island sun. Perhaps a tear will roll down my cheek when I remember I’m still in little old England. Or maybe I’ll just head to Las Americas on Google Maps for a walk around, because why not. Do I do this often you ask? No comment…

Have you been to Tenerife before? Because if you have, I want you to comment below and tell me all about it! If not, why not tell me where your dream destination is?

Oh, and you should totally enter this competition for yourself. (Just remember me if you happen to win and have a spare bed in your villa plz….) Bloggers can find out how to enter here, and if you don’t have a blog, fear not! There’s a £500 Clickstay voucher and a camera up for grabs for you guys too, and you can enter here!

Let me know if you enter, and send me links to your dream villas on Twitter. Time to go sprinkle myself in lucky dust ready for this post to go live in the morning. Adios!

This post is my entry for Clickstay’s Blog Your Way to Spain Competition. You should totes go and enter too!


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