50 Things That Make Me Happy


Sometimes it can be a little difficult to appreciate the little things in life, but it’s these little things that create the bigger picture. When the gorgeous Debra tagged me to write 50 things that make me happy, I took the opportunity to forget about all the stress sitting on my shoulders at this point in my life, and instead started reflecting on the normal, every day things that make me feel a little happier.

1. My boyfriend. He never fails to put a smile on my face and I still can’t believe how lucky I am to have him each and every day.

2. My family. I’d be nowhere without them.

3. Sunshine, particularly the Spanish variety.

4. Waking up to my incredibly fat and unbelievably evil pussy cat asleep at my feet.

5. When my two daft doggies are uncontrollably excited to see me.

6. Fresh bedsheets (is there anything better at night?!).

7. Waking up and realising you still have another hour until your alarm actually goes off.

8. Saturday night TV. Everyone else can spend their Saturday nights around the town all they want, but give me pyjamas, Take Me Out and X-Factor any night! 

9. In fact, pyjamas deserve their own number.

10. The cream they put on top of Costa hot chocolates (the chocolate itself is pretty good too).

11. When someone asks if I fancy McDonald’s. (The answer, by the way, is always yes).

12. The number 32. Don’t ask me why – I can’t tell you!

13. When my makeup just goes so good.

14. A book that can make me cry. Crying is sad, sure, but words that have the ability to draw tears? Yes yes yes!

15. Nando’s red pepper dip.

16. Seeing how incredibly cute and loved up my parents still are after all these years.

17. Zombie films/series/games.

18. That particularly good stretch first thing in a morning.

19. Back massages. Duh.

20. Stepping on some particularly crunchy leaves in Autumn.

21. Stationery.

22. The smell of books, new or old.

23. Sex on the Beach… yes, yes, the cocktail.

24. Spending the night with a yummy face mask on.

25. Laughing at random (and probably not actually that funny) things with my friends.

26. Working with an incredibly nice brand.

27. Being the first to swipe a knife through a new tub of margarine.

28. When people compliment/share my blog posts.

29. The smell of freshly mown grass.

30. Going on holiday. Yes, I tend to go on 3 or 4 a year… I’m a holiday addict.

31. Catching up with my e-mail inbox.

32. When I’ve been bickering with my boyfriend but he silently passes me some sort of chocolate bar or pats my bum to show me he still loves me.

33. The final stitch of a particularly time-consuming cross stitch pattern.

34. Hearing that someone said something nice about me.

35. Reading a book in the sun, whether it’s a sunny UK day or abroad.

36. The Inbetweeners.

37. Going out for a meal when it’s been a whiiiile. Nom nom.

38. Leona Lewis. #girlcrush

39. And on that note, Walking on Sunshine will never fail to make me happy.
Such a fabulously corny, feel-good film with one hell of a soundtrack.

40. Pretty bath bombs.

41. Making lists.

42. Finding a dress that I feel pretty darn good in.

43. Getting on top of everything I need to do.

44. The cheesy garlic bread from my local takeaway – seriously the best around.

45. Getting a new piercing.

46. A fresh eyebrow tint.

47. When I meet someone that I immediately love because they’re just so nice.

48. Scented candles.

49. My blog.

50. Having my hair played with. Ultimate heaven.

I loved going through these fifty things that prompt me to smile, and so I nominate all of you to do this tag post when you’re feeling a bit down or want to bring a smile to your face.

Dont forget to let me know if you do your own! Which of my points do you agree with, and what else makes you happy?

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