The Ultimate Printable Twitter Chat Timetable

Today I’m treating you all to a printable which will come in very handy in the blogging world. Maybe I’m tooting my own horn a bit when I call this timetable the ultimate timetable, but I have spent quite a lot of time not only trying to find every chat I can, but also going through numerous hashtags, old and new, to find out which chats are still active in the Twittersphere.

What is a Twitter Chat?

A Twitter chat is basically one huge public conversation between whoever wants to join in on the world of Twitter. They are usually scheduled at specific weekly times so that everyone knows when to join in.

Each chat is focussed around one unique hashtag which allows you to follow the discussion and participate if you wish, and types of chat can vary from beauty to books to movies to careers to periods (sorry guys).

Why are they useful?

Twitter chats are great for being introduced to and building connections with other bloggers, and sometimes businesses too. You’ll also probably find yourself learning something new or coming across some useful resources along the way too.

They also make it incredibly easy to come across new blogs to read in the areas that you enjoy or in similar situations to yourself. For example, you can take part in a #cbloggers chat to immerse yourself in a discussion with plenty of creative bloggers, or you could participate in a #pbloggers chat to find out what other parent bloggers are getting up to.

Putting website traffic and blogging to one side, they’re also great fun! You can meet some awesome people – I’ve personally made some awesome blogger friends from chats – and get stuff off your chest. You’ll sometimes come across a personal topic in a chat and you can use the opportunity to gather opinions, relate to others, and ultimately feel better about yourself and your blog.

When are Twitter chats?

Twitter chats can take place whenever and wherever in the world. Different chat hashtags are always coming and going – you just have to know which ones to look for. Which is precisely why I’ve created this handy printable timetable for you all to use – yay! (I kinda made it cos I actually need it myself, my memory is appalling!) Feel free to share it with your friends or on your blog, but please link to this post rather than the download links. (And please don’t be a cheeky moo and remove my URL!)

Click here to download the PDF

Click here to download the image

If you think I’m missing any chats that should be on the list, feel free to let me know and I’ll get them  added as soon as I can. (Psst! All times are GMT!)#

Do you take part in Twitter chats when you have the time? I would love to hear some feedback on this if you use it. Has it come in handy for you?
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