Stepping into Spring with the Lush York blogger event

Once again, Spring is upon us, and with Spring comes a new range of wonderfully colourful Lush products. The store in York took this as an opportunity to have their very first blogger event to which a few lucky bloggers were invited (yes, even little old me!). I had an incredible time at the Lush Hull event last year, so when Lush York contacted me to invite me to a fun-filled night of bath bombs, luscious scents and great company, how on earth could I refuse?!

After catching the train to York, the evening didn’t get off to the smoothest of starts as I found myself pacing around York with no clue where to go. Trusty Google maps was not so trusty that night! Luckily, with the help of the Lush staff and my friend Charlotte, I was located and guided to the event where the Lush staff were incredibly warm and welcoming, and I instantly felt at ease.

We were quickly thrown into the fun as we played with Fun (and yes, it was fun), and attempted to make something inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Whilst I put together a slightly fat faced rabbit, people around me created beautiful top hats, toadstools, cats and more, which made for a bright array of art. Yes, we’re allowed to call it art!

Throughout the sculpting session, each of us uploaded an Instagram
photo in a race to receive the most likes and win a prize. Whilst we
eagerly waited, we were introduced to one another over some nibbles and drinks before taking a look at everyone’s creations.

After having a little giggle at the fun figures, the ice was well and truly broken, and we were then introduced to the vibrant new gift sets that
graced the shelves
. I wanted to take each and every one home, though
unfortunately my bank balance wouldn’t allow it.

After swooning over the bright, colourful shelves of wonderfulness, we began stopping at different stations around the store to view bits and pieces of the Spring, Easter and Mother’s Day products in action. I can safely say I fell more and more in love with the collection as I witnessed each vibrant demonstration.

I was super excited to see the Golden Egg make it’s return, along with the Bunch of Carrots, which returned with a new multi-coloured look. We also spent a bit of time debating whether Humpty Dumpty was a cute little chap or a small sinister egg. I’ll let you guys decide, but he must have won me over because the little fella came home with me!

After all of the bright demonstrations, the fun games and the gorgeous smells making their way into our happy noses, we were all left feeling hyped up and pretty much looking like the love heart eyes emoji. The winner of the Instagram competition was announced (it was me guys – my followers did me proud!), and we were the let loose in the shop to browse the stock a little closer, have some personal chats with the staff, and spend our pennies. I did a lot of the latter, but you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled for what I bought in another post!

As if all of that wasn’t enough, each and every blogger was handed a goodie bag as they sipped the rest of their drinks, gathered their things and said their goodbyes. I’m going to keep the contents of the bag to myself until I write my Lush York haul post, but I can tell you one thing – they were pretty bloody awesome.

I’d like to say a humongous thank you to the Lush girls for being so flippin’ marvellous and putting on a cracking evening for us all. I felt so at ease and had a truly fab night with some wonderful bloggers.

I’d love to know which of the Spring products are your favourite. Let me know in the comments below! ツ
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