A Lush Spring Goodie Bag and Haul

You may have seen that recently I was lucky enough to attend a blogger event at the York Lush store, where not only were we lucky enough to view the new Spring range in action with some fab demonstrations, but we also had the chance to win prizes. And as if that wasn’t enough, each blogger was lucky enough to take home a goodie bag with four spectacular products, so today I’m gonna talk you though everything I brought home with me that night, from my incredible freebies to my impulse buys.

I’ll start by taking you through the wonderful goodie bag we each received. Firstly, we each got a small bottle of the Yummy Mummy shower gel* which we were lucky enough to witness in action at the event. It has a refreshing smell which isn’t too overpowering, and only a small amount was needed to create a lather.

We also received the incredibly sparkly Golden Egg*, which is making a return after it’s success last year. It’s so fantastically glittery that it’s hard not to love it immediately, and I know from experience just how lovely this bath bomb/bath melt hybrid is. It smells amazing and leaves a fabulous sparkle effect on your skin (meaning we can forgive it for also leaving us with an incredibly glittery bath!).

Another product to make it’s return was the Somewhere Over the Rainbow soap*. I didn’t get chance to try this last year, so I’m super excited to have received it this year. It has a marvellous shimmery effect and has such a lovely fresh, fruity scent.

The final product to come out of the goodie bag was yet another returning star – the Bunch of Carrots bubble bar*. This came complete with a new look (hello purple and pink carrots!) but has the same wonderful bubbliest bubble making skills.

Throughout the event, we all uploaded a photo to Instagram in a race to get the most likes so that we could be the lucky winner of an exclusive Lush Spa Gift Set*. After badgering all of my friends and followers and asking them to spread to the word, I was lucky enough to have received the most likes when the time came, and so I came home with this stunning gift box*.

Stored inside the beautiful tiered box is Dreamtime Temple Balm, Golden Slumbers, Full of Grace, Peace and Big Blue, all of which make for an incredible pamper evening followed by a deep state of ultimate relaxation. I’m particularly looking forward to trying the Dreamtime Temple Balm and letting it’s lavender oils work their magic on me and put my overactive mind at rest.

Aside from all of the fun and games throughout the night, we were also let loose to buy any other bits from the Spring range that took our fancy and stock up on some old favourites. Naturally, I went a bit mad and spent way more than I should have done (but it was so totally worth it!).

The first thing I grabbed (after finding the prettiest, most aesthetically pleasing one on the shelf) was a Unicorn Horn bubble bar, swiftly followed by a Dragon’s Egg bath bomb and a Honey Bee bath bomb.

I also treat myself to three bath bombs from the Spring range. Fluffy Egg made it’s return and since it smells exactly like Snow Fairy, I simply couldn’t resist. I was also won over by the beautiful fragrance of the Rose Bombshell, before finally agreeing to take home Humpty Dumpty after he gave me sinsiter looks all night.

Finally, whilst at the till, I swiftly grabbed a Flowering Tea bubble bar completely on impulse. Whilst it’s not the brightest or most exciting of products, I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked the subtle floral scents.

Obviously I went home with a lighter purse but with a big smile on my face, and I can’t wait to get stuck into the products.

Have you tried any of the Spring range this year? Let me know your favourites!

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