Let Me Tell You This #1

Happy Sunday guys and gals! Today I’m starting a new feature on Beauty, Books and Babble which is all about sharing things with you. I wanted to start a short, weekly post where I simply sum up important parts of my week I feel I want to share, fill you in on amazing blog posts I’ve read throughout the past few days, as well as link you up to the things I’ve been loving – basically a weekly round-up. And thus begins Let Me Tell You This

  1. Last week, the holiday angels up above blessed me with some lucky dust and I won a holiday to Mexico with Virgin Holidays. I’ve been healthily eating this week to start making progress on my bikini body.
  2. I read an awesome post all about vaginal discharge which was very honest, funny and relevant that I think you should all read – yes, you too boys!
  3. Whilst on the subject of genitalia,  I also read a blog post about dating with herpes which was incredibly eye-opening and candid.
  4. And then speaking of dating, I found myself smiling a lot whilst reading this post about dating an older guy. My boyfriend and I don’t differ much in age, but I could still totally relate to most of the post – including the fact that he won’t expect your vagina to smell like a Lush bath product!
  5. Whilst embarking on my internet travels (ie. scrolling endlessly through Twitter), I accidentally stumbled upon a super cute website with tonnes of cats, pugs and sloths printed on stationery, phone cases and clothing. What more could you want?!
  6. I’ve decided to start concentrating more on my Instagram feed in an attempt to make it look pretty and post more often.
  7. Here’s a video of a baby koala bear.

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