Reasons to Love the Throne of Glass Series (So Far!)

Throne of Glass is a YA high fantasy series of books that is loved by bookworms all over the world. I was actually a late-comer to the Throne of Glass fandom, but man, I had been missing out! I’ve just recently finished Heir of Fire and, oh my Lordy, I can’t wait for the next instalment.

Have you ever read a book that kind of just stays with you for aaaaages afterwards? Yeah? This full series was one of them.

Queen of Shadows is the new addition to the Throne of Glass series and it is released today! I’m waiting for my hardcover copy to arrive all the way from America and so instead I’m going to keep myself entertained (and hopefully will entertain you guys in the process!) by rambling on about just why I love Throne of Glass (so far!)…

WARNING: There will almost definitely be spoilers, so if you haven’t read the books yet, go and find a different post to read. Maybe this one, this one or this one?

The deep and distinct characters.

When you read a book series with such a wide range of characters here, there and everywhere, you sometimes struggle to connect with characters or even find yourself having to try and remember who the secondary characters even are. Well, this is definitely not the case for the Throne of Glass series. Each character is well fleshed out with a unique background and a distinct personality that I came to enjoy, love and loathe. I’m so bloody invested in them.

The awesome names.

When the time comes for me and my partner to have children, I’m going to have words with him and let him know that I would now like Celaena, Choal, Dorian and Aedion to join Penryn, Atticus, Scout and Radley on the list of baby names I desperately want. I suppose we’ll just have to have 8 kids. Hmm. Maybe 8 cats would be easier? *meow*

Celaena’s General badass-ness.

I know I can’t be the only one who now wants to throw fire around with some awesome combat moves to accompany it? Because I bloody do! And Celaena also happens to be incredibly beautiful so she probably looks super hot (ha, no pun intended) whilst she does it. Some girls are just born lucky. Aside from the imprisonment and loss and threats she’s under of course…

The many book boyfriends.

I have not crushed so hard on a book character since Raffe in Angelfall, and now I have four of them to swoon over! Especially Duke Perrington, mmmm. Okay, I’m clearly kidding about him. But Chaol, Dorian, Rowan and Aedion? Hell yeah! They’re all so different yet so lovable. Is it normal to love book characters this much? Like seriously, Chaol. CHAOL. C. H. A. O. L. I’m in love.

The romantic, familial and friendly relationships.
We get to witness so many different relationships form throughout the series and each of them is done so incredibly well, even those with the secondary characters such as Nox in Throne of Glass. The romance between Choal and Celaena along with the friendship between Rowan and Celaena are my personal favourites. They happen so gradually and subtley, building up slowly until the sparks were leaping from the pages.

Sorscha’s decapitation and Dorian being collared.

Okay, this makes me sound heartless at first glance. I don’t love that this happened to them. In fact, I blubbed like a baby. But because these things happened, we know that shit is about to go down. Shit. Going. Down. And I can’t wait. I mean, Sarah J Maas has genuinely set us up for some serious epicness in the remaining books (I hope!).

I actually got a funny feeling in my heart whilst typing this up and reminiscing on the series. It’s the kind of feeling I get when I think of Harry Potter. It’s just got a place in my heart. Simple as. ♥️

What are your thoughts on the Throne of Glass series? Let me know in the comments below!

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