Sophie and Suze's NetGalley Challenge

I was always one of these people that refused to purchase an eReader. I believed in sticking to the real thing, and always purchasing paperback instead. However, since I’ve started book blogging, authors and publishers have offered to send me eBook ARCs to review, and how on earth could I possibly resist?

So, just last week, my dad surprised me by coming home with a Kindle Fire for me. Turns out, I’m bloody in love with it. I mean, I can read with the light off meaning I don’t have to jump out of bed when I’m ready to sleep, and how awesome is that?!

I’ve heard tonnes about NetGalley and so immediately signed up once I owned a Kindle, and then, as luck would have it, the wonderful Sophie and Suze started another challenge… A NetGalley challenge to help motivate people to up their NetGalley percentage. It’s running until March 23rd. 🙂

This challenge is fab for me because I’m a complete NetGalley newbie, which means my percentage obviously stands at a big fat zero. So now is the time to up that percentage in the form of a fun challenge with other book bloggers. Bring it on!

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