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Hair removal can be such a pain in the butt, right? So when I was presented with the opportunity to permanently remove hair in the comfort of my own home using a Sensica Sensilight, how could I resist?!

This post was sponsored by Boots, but all words, imagery, opinions and body hair are my own!

I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that, during the winter, hair removal is the last thing on my mind. With big woolly jumpers and full length jeans, no one sees what’s going on anyway, right?

But then there there comes that moment – maybe you realise you need to wear a dress to a last minute event, you fancy taking dip in the pool at the gym, you might even meet a nice man on a night out that you’d like to invite back – and the hair needs to be gone, and quickly at that… Cue the panic shave (which is normally accompanied by a few cuts along the way, might I add). 😬

With summer on the horizon, and in an attempt to save myself time, effort and blunt razors, I’ve been trying something new. For the past eight weeks, I’ve been using Sensica‘s Sensilight to banish the body hair long-term and bring back a bit of body confidence… who doesn’t love that smooth-leg-on-fresh-bedsheet feeling, eh? 😉

How does the Sensilight work?

Sensilight uses Reactive Pulsed Light technology, which is a form of IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) that uses a combination of unique skin sensors to tailor the treatment to your needs, and ensure you’re safe with each and every use. The pulsed light is transferred through the skin’s surface and is absorbed by the melanin in the hair shaft. The light energy that is absorbed is converted to heat energy which disables the hair follicle, ultimately preventing further growth.

Science-y talk – can make things sound complicated, eh? But the Sensica was super easy to use. All I had to do was shave the areas I wanted to treat, plug my Sensica in, switch it on, and treat the area by using nothing but a button. Simple!

What were the results of using Sensica’s Sensilight for eight weeks?

Let’s start out by pointing out that IPL technology is not an overnight fix – you have to commit to treatments for long term results. Hair grows in three different stages, and the treatment will only work on actively growing hair, meaning multiple treatments are required to target them all, with results being seen after 3-4 treatments.

It’s been eight weeks since I started using Sensica, and with treatments being every two weeks, I’m still in the early stages of my hair removal process, but already I am noticing a difference. (And yes, I’m the sort of loser that has only been using it on one leg currently so that I can really compare…)

Treatments were quick and totally pain-free, with one leg taking me less than ten minutes. There’s still regrowth, as I would expect this early in the process, but the regrowth definitely seems to be finer and sparser already… just a few more sessions and I should be hair free, smooth and always ready to go. Bring it on.

If you’re looking to invest some time into permanent hair removal at home and fancy treating yourself to a Sensilight product, you can browse the Sensica hair removal range on the Boots website… and say hello to smooth skin all year round!

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