What is it that makes you merry at Christmas?


Christmas. That time of year that seems to pass way too quickly but rolls around again just as fast. But with all of the yummy food, the gift swapping and the nights out, what exactly is it that makes YOU merry during the festive season?

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It’s late December and you’re relishing the fact you have a few days off work. The air is cold and crisp, fairylights twinkle overhead as you walk the streets, and there’s a sense of cheer in the air. Fast forward a couple of days and you’re sat at home with family as delightful smells wind their way to your nose from the kitchen, and wrapping paper and new goodies surround your feet.

That’s right. Christmas is here.

And if you were to wander the streets and ask everyone what their favourite part of Christmas is, you’d receive an assortment of answers – the food, the time off work, the gifts, the family time, the excuse to drink an abundance of alcohol…

For me? It’s changed over the years.

Rewind to six year-old Ashton and she’d tell you that she gets excited for Santa coming down the chimney. So excited, in fact, that she’d barely sleep on Christmas Eve and would be up in the early hours of the morning to see what he’d left under the tree.

Thirteen year-old Ashton? She’d probably just tell you she’s grateful for the Christmas holidays – time off school is a blessing for any teenager.

Jump forward even further and twenty year-old Ashton would tell you it’s the Christmas dinner. Give her alllll the food.

Present day Ashton? Well, I love the pre-Christmas period. The build up to the big day (a day that is always over wayyyy too quickly, may I add). Winding down from work and knowing I’ll soon have a break. All of the cheesy Christmas movies making their way onto Netflix and becoming the perfect accompaniment for a night in and a hot chocolate. The Christmas nights out. Oh, those Christmas nights out. Digging out an outfit just to head to the pub, perfecting your Christmas party hair by adding glitter, snowflakes and maybe some tinsel and baubles if you’re feeling particularly festive, and of course, the abundance of Buck’s Fizz, the opportunity of tequila shots, and that distinctive feeling of regret the next morning, knowing full well you still have what feels like 38463498 more nights out to go… and you can’t wait.

Obviously the Christmas dinner is a massive bonus. Especially the stuffing and Yorkshire puds.

What makes you merry during the Christmas period?

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