A guide to the perfect cosy night in for one



With the short days, the dark nights and the colder weather, a lot of us find ourselves opting for a snuggly night in our own homes rather than heading out to hit the town. And I’ve got having the perfect cosy night in for one down to a T…

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The holiday celebrations are over, the cold, dark nights are lingering, our purses are feeling a touch a lot lighter following Christmas shopping and Boxing Day sales. And frankly, we’re all bloody shattered. And it’s highly likely a lot of us are nursing food babies too. Sounds like the perfect time to opt for staying in with your jim-jams and the TV instead of dressing up to paint the town, right? And I have the perfect recipe for a cosy night in; all you need to do is six things…

Create that cosy atmosphere

If you know anyone who has a cosy night in with all of the lights on, unfriend them immediately. They cannot be trusted. Get those lights switched off and set the scene. Whether it’s with fairy lights, candles, the fireplace or decorative house lights, make sure to set the ambience before the night begins.

Pamper yourself

Yes girl. You deserve to treat yo’self. Run a bath, find your sparkliest bath bomb, and chill out in the tub for a while. Follow it up with soothing face mask, maybe a bit of nail polish, and if you’re feeling really sophisticated, slices of cucumber over your eyes.

Pour yourself a little tipple

I make no secret of the fact that I like a little tipple now and then. Maybe more than now and then. And my go to is normally a pint of cider. Can’t beat it. But when it comes in to a night in for one, I like to instead sip on something bubbly. Makes me feel classier – a bit of a grown up – y’know. 😜

Nibble on some snacks

If you’re having a whole night in to yourself, you’re going to need something to keep the tummy rumbling at bay. Make sure to have plenty of snacks at your disposal, both sweet and savoury. If you really wanna go all out (and why wouldn’t you?!), make sure to get a big fat takeaway ordered too. Me? I normally opt for a Domino’s pizza. Smoked bacon and extra mozzarella please!

Have some entertainment at the ready

Play some video games, flick through the pages of a magazine, get lost in a film, stick your nose into a book. Or do all four. You have the whole night after all! Netflix will be your best friend on a cosy night in. And don’t feel guilty when it double checks if you’re still watching because it’s been so long… We’ve all reached that point, I promise.

Slob out in your comfies

Once everything is in place and at the ready, it’s time to really get comfortable. First thing’s first: discard the bra. You don’t need that kind of negativity. Then, whether you like to snuggle down in your pyjamas, some joggers, or even your birthday suit (hey – who am I to judge, eh?), get your comfies on ready for a wild night of chillin’. Fluffy socks and a snuggly blanket are always a welcome addition to the party too!

What are yourg essential for a cosy night in? Or do you prefer to suck it up and head out instead?

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