Guest Post: My Journey of Inspiration for Fantasy Novels

Today I’m joining in on the Neverland Blog Tour for Barbara Underwood’s fantasy novel: Rhuna – The Star Child.  It’s  thrilling sequel to Rhuna: Crossroads is set in mystical Ancient Egypt where Black Magic was developed by the followers of the legendary villain, The Dark Master. But how does author Barbara Underwood come up with such exciting ideas for her fantasy books. Keep reading to find out, and then why not enter the giveaway at the end of the post…?

“A lot of people must wonder where Fantasy authors get their ideas, especially since they have to create worlds, characters, situations and topics that are “out of this world”, not to mention also original and a bit different to stand out from the many other Fantasy books out there.

My journey to becoming a Fantasy author actually started very much in the real world, and when I realized that I wanted to write, the Fantasy genre was actually the last thing on my mind! It all started when I was 10 years old and I saw Chariots of the Gods – a docu movie based on the book by Erich von Däniken who believes that the pyramids and other giant stone structures, called megaliths, were made by aliens visiting earth in ancient times because the technology they used was so advanced. The whole thing just blew my mind back then, and not long after that, I came across a book about the Bermuda Triangle, and decided I absolutely loved mysteries!


Then, one day, I picked up Thor Heyerdahl’s book about Easter Island, called Aku-Aku – The Secret of Easter Island, and that’s when I got permanently hooked! For instance, did you have any idea that there are nearly 900 of those gigantic stone statues on that most isolated and remote tiny island?! And besides statues, there are walls with blocks joined so perfectly together that you can’t get a razor blade between them. Remind you of the walls in Cuzco, Peru? Right! Thor Heyerdahl thought so, too, and began to theorize that the same people who built the Cuzco walls were also on Easter Island some time in the distant past.

So now it became my personal quest to figure out these mysteries of stone megaliths all around the world, and after reading all of Heyerdahl’s books, then a plethora of New Age and esoteric books, I even went to a Pacific Island, namely Tonga, to check out some of the pyramid ruins there. You can see some photos I took, and read more about it on this page on my website:


It was about that time I decided I simply had to use all these mysteries I feel so passionate about for the main theme of my novels, and that’s how Rhuna was born. She grew up on Easter Island, where she first discovers that she belongs to the Atlantean race that have superhuman powers with which they can easily make gigantic stone blocks to build pyramids, make colossal obelisks, statues and many more things.

The really great thing about Urban Fantasy is that you can make up theories and explanations for unexplained mysteries, as well as make social commentary on all kinds of issues (social, political, etc) which readers can relate to, because they are all part of the human experience.

With each new book, Rhuna grows, matures and learns new things, such as astral projection and other metaphysical and psychic stuff, and at the same time I’m having a great time researching and learning about those things, too!

You can get a pretty good visual overview of the Rhuna series just by looking at the pictures on this Pinterest board.

So next time you come across an unexplainable mystery, and the Ancient Aliens theory doesn’t quite resonate with you, then I hope you will think of Rhuna, Keeper of Wisdom!” 

Rhuna – The Star Child is available to buy from Amazon now, or maybe if you’re lucky, you can win this Amazon Gift card and treat yourself to it! 😉

Let me know if you enter the giveaway! Are you a fan of fantasy novels? Why?

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