True North De-Stressed Serum 4.1 Review

When it comes to skincare, I have to confess: I’m not very dedicated. I’m a bit of a bog standard cleanse and moisturise kind of girl. I tone occasionally and will do the odd exfoliating mask, but anything else is usually new territory to me.

Okay, sometimes I don’t even cleanse and moisturise. I go for the baby wipe. There. I said it. 😳

Recently, however, I’ve been trying a couple of new products, and I’m totally digging them. (And I’m trying to up my skincare game, I swear!) You may have seen recently that I reviewed a SKN-RG product and really liked it. Well, today I have another skincare product I want to introduce you to from True North which I have completely fallen in love with. 😍

True North De-Stressed Serum* is a lightweight moisturising gel-serum that is said to infuse the skin with deep hydration whilst soothing and regenerating. It comes in simple white packaging that immediately gives the product a sleek, high-end feel to it.

It comes in a pump action bottle which is always a positive – easy to use, controls how much you dispense, and is hygienic too!

I’m rubbish at describing smells, but this smells beautiful. Seriously, the smell won me over as soon as I used it for the first time. It’s a lovely, clean, fresh scent.

After applying the serum, it did feel a tad tacky on my skin for about a minute of so, but once soaked in, my skin felt amazing. It was instantly smoothed and my colour appeared more even.

The instructions say to use the True North De-Stressed Serum* prior to moisturising, but I’ve been using it occasionally before makeup as a primer as well for a smooth base.

A little blob goes a long way with this product, and so one bottle should keep you going for months. Sadly, at £62.00, it’s still out of my price range for little old part-timer me, but if it falls in yours, I’d definitely recommend it. 😊

What skincare products have you been using lately? Do you always stick to your skincare routine?
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