Lusting After Dresses I Can’t Afford (And Praying I Win £500 to Spend at Maje!)

Summer is just around the corner, and I have plenty of events coming up – three holidays, my graduation and two weddings – all of which I have to find some gorgeous dresses for. After stumbling across Maje, a brand I’d not previously heard of, I fell in love with four fabulous dresses that would be just perfect. The downside? They’re pretty far out of my price range, and I can’t afford a single one. The upside? Maje happen to be running a competition to win £500 to spend. Yes please!

Click here if you would like to enter the competition too!

1. Jacquard Knit Long Dress – £290 – Maje

2. Ridged Knit Dress – £315 – Maje

3. Long Lace Guipure Dress – £269 – Maje

4. Honeycomb Knit Long Dress – £280 – Maje

Granted, £500 would only buy me two of these dress at most, but man, I would treasure them forever! The bottom two dresses in particular give me major loveheart eyes. 😍 Let me know what you think of my choices, and don’t forget to enter the competition yourself for a chance to win… and don’t forget me if you do. 😉

Do you have any events coming up in the summer? Would the dresses I’ve picked work for any of them? Let me know in the comments below! 😃
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