Let Me Tell You This #5

Happy Sunday! This week was my first week back to university after the Easter break and man, I am tired. Too many late nights have destroyed my sleeping pattern, but hey ho… noone to blame but myself, right? I have, however, had some fun goodies and have stumbled across some awesome blog posts!

  1. First and foremost, it’s Papa Gibbs’s birthday today! He’s officially an old man, and after reviewing their cupcakes previously, I was lucky to receive some more from Eat Your Photo* in time for my dad’s birthday, so a humongous thank you goes out to them and to Unicorn Fairy for hosting the competition that allowed me to win them!
  2. You may have seen in my last Let Me Tell You This post that I had started reading Jojo Moyes’ Me Before You. Well, I finished that wonderful book, and oh my word, my heart is in a thousand pieces. I was warned to have tissues at the ready, but I was still not prepared for the snotty, guttural sobs this book caused me. 😭 Go and read it. Please.
  3. Jemma from Dorkface is, as always, on top form with her blog posts, but recently she shared one of her posts from last year about starting a summer scrapbook, and I feel inspired. I’ve always liked scrapbooking anyway, but her pages are so darn pretty, it’s made me wanna up my game! And I’m totally tempted to start by ordering some uber-cute stickers that Jemma shared in a more recent post.
  4. You may have seen #CalmDay floating around all over Twitter on Tuesday, and to celebrate the release of Calm, some lucky bloggers (myself included!) were sent a ‘Keep Calm Parcel’, complete with a copy of the book and some goodies to help us relax. The book is simply gorgeous, so keep your eyes peeled for my full review tomorrow. 😜
  5. I stumbled across a post that Kathryn at Chapters of Kat wrote last month all about 10 things she never understood growing up, and it’s such a fun and relatable post. Especially the part about having your head stuck in a Roald Dahl or Jaqueline Wilson book… that was basically my life!
  6. Last, but by no means least, I received my Spring #BoxOfLame from That Lame Company, and you might have seen me raving about it on Twitter. It genuinely is the most perfect box I’ve ever had the pleasure of opening, and their customer service is second to none! There’ll be a full review soon, of course, but for now, take a look at all the beautifulness it has to offer

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