Let Me Tell You This #4

Obviously I’m gonna start with a big, fat “Happy Easter!” to you all. I hope you’re all merrily stuffing your faces with lots of chocolate (or maybe Easter cake) and taking it easy today. I’ve had a nice chilled out week this week and so have come across some good stuff to share with you guys…

  1. I started reading Me Before You this week, which I’ve been informed will bring me to tears quite a lot. Though I’m still early in the book, I can just tell I’m gonna love it. You know when you read the first chapter of something and just immediately know it’s gonna be a good un? Well yeah, that. It’s been on my to-read shelf for a longggg while, and now that the trailer for the movie keeps popping up everywhere (even that made me want to cry), I can’t put it off any longer!
  2. Jenny wrote an extremely personal post all about regrets and addressing the whole being “too toung” to have regrets thing. It’s definitely a relateable read and one to get you thinking about different routes your life could have taken had you made different choices.
  3. The lovely Leah from Devoted to Pink took the time to tell us all why bloggers should use Snapchat. You’ve probably seen me share my Snapchat username whenever I attend a blogger event so you can see exactly I’m up to, but now I’m trying my best to start using it in my routine more often. (My username is ashtongibbs by the way, in case you were wondering, lol)
  4. Kinda random, but I found myself watching a movie with my mum this week called One Chance, which is a movie based on Paul Potts’ life, and how he started as a shy boy getting bullied and ultimately became the first winner of Britain’s Got Talent. I’d never even heard of this movie before I started watching it, and I was pleasantly surprised by the fabulous casting, the gentle humour and the reality of what Paul Potts went through before reaching stardom. Definitely worth a watch if you’re looking for something different.
  5. The utterly fabulous and incredibly gorgeous Georgina wrote a post all about the good, the bad and the ugly of modelling for a brand when you’re a blogger. It made for an incredibly interesting read and if modelling is something you’d maybe consider getting into, I urge you to read this first!
  6. Becky Bedbug was lucky enough to grab her and her husband tickets to see Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway, and she wrote all about it on her blog. Despite the long wait and getting sat in separate single seats, it sounds like they had an incredible night, and man I wanna go!
  7. The original Resident Evil game celebrated it’s 20th anniversary on Tuesday, and so I spent some time reminiscing on the game that introduced me to the wonderful world of zombies. Jibble sandwich anyone?

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