15 Things I Lie About (Almost!) Daily

Day to day, we are faced with opportunities to either tell the truth, or to tell a fib. I have a confession to make: I’m a big fat liar. I tell a lie pretty much every single day, mostly to myself. And you probably tell a few porkies too. Don’t agree? Have a read of my little white lies and see if they change your mind!

  1. “Just five more minutes in bed.” Let’s face it. That’s just an outright lie. I’ll probably snooze my alarm another 5 times.

  2. “Wow, I’ve totally nailed the winged eyeliner today… sort of.” Well, I suppose it’s better than usual, but nailed it? Hmm.

  3. “Just one more chapter.” Oh. But the author has left it on a cliffhanger! Maybe I’ll just read the next one. Y’know, just to find out what’s going down.

  4. “I’ll just watch one episode of [insert TV show here] before bed.” Ah silly Netflix, you started the next episode automatically. Now I’ll just have to watch it.

  5. “I’m setting off now.” I suppose this could be true, if by setting off I mean brushing my teeth, finding my bag, putting my shoes on and grabbing a bite to eat on the way out.

  6. “Today is going to be a good day.” Oh god, my pen leaked. I can’t find my purse. I’m rushing around. My hair is a mess. Worst. Day. Ever.

  7. “I’m going to start eating healthy today.” Oooh, is that chocolate?

  8. “Hey, who is this? I got a new phone and don’t have all of my numbers!” Actually, I deleted your number ages ago thinking we wouldn’t be speaking again. #sorrynotsorry

  9. “I can definitely get away with just a bit of dry shampoo today.” Until I get half way through the day and realise that, actually, my hair was way past the dry shampoo stage. Damnit!

  10. “Tonight, I promise I’ll to go to bed at a reasonable hour.” Oh, but Challenge plays old episodes of Golden Balls at 2am… How can I miss that?

  11. “I’ll schedule tomorrow’s tweets before bed tonight.” Okay, I scheduled one, so that counts, right?

  12. “Ah, I see what you mean. Yeah, makes sense.” What? I don’t understand. Help me, I’M SO CONFUSED RIGHT NOW.

  13. “I have read and agreed to the T&Cs.” Lol. Biggest lie on planet earth.

  14. “Okay, will do, just give me five minutes.” Translation: shurrup, I’ll do whatever it is you want me to do when, and only when, I’m ready to do so.

  15. “Tomorrow, I am determined to be productive.” Haha. Hahahha. Ha. Ha.


So, there it is. My (almost) daily fibs in one brief post for you. Can you relate to any, or think of any more? Let me know in the comments below. ツ

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