Personalised cards by Made With Love Designs + 30% off!

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I’m sure those of you who leave things last minute (like me!) are depserate to find somewhere to get a gorgeous card in time for the weekend (after all, the card is the most important part, right?). Well look no further, because today I want to introduce you to the luxury cards by Made With Love Designs.

I personally chose the card above – a beautiful Scrabble design on a geometric background*. Me and my boyfriend love to visit Forest Holidays cabins, and in each cabin there is a Scrabble board which we spent many nights playing along with a glass of bubbly, so my intention with this card is to remind of the lovely times we’ve had there before suggesting we go back next month!

The card is personalised with Damian’s and my initals on the front, and I can honestly say that the card definitely boasts luxuriousness. The quality and feel of the card definitely scream opulence, and the design is sophisticated and classy rather than too gushy or cheesy. And how awesome will this look in a frame when we move into our new house?!

Made With Love Designs offer plenty of designs for all sorts of tastes, but here are a few that I personally love

 Geometric Fox Gold Necklace Gift & Valentine’s Card

Playground Love Notes Valentines Card

Naughty Nibbles Belgian Chocolate Lollipop Valentines Card

You can grab yourself one of these gorgeous cards with a whopping 30% discount by entering the code BEAUTYBOOKSBABBLE at the checkout! (This is a Valentine’s Day promotion and so the code expires on 12th February 2016 so that you can order and receive your cards in time for the love-filled day!)

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Let me know what you think of these beauties in the comments below!
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