Guest Post: Summer Sale Haul – Dos and Don’ts

Today’s post is a guest post by beauty/fashion writer and stylist, Peter Minkoff. Keep reading for some handy sales tips!

Fashion has always been a way to project a sense of self. This wearable form of art (and I do dare to call it art as it is nothing but!) has an amazing impact on human psyche, human figure and the overall presentation of someones individuality with all its perks and flaws.

By emphasizing the importance of fashion and referring to it as art I am in no way trying to diminish the great artworks in painting, architecture, sculpture, drawing, singing, acting. They are all flabbergasting beauties in their own right and should be all honored as such!

Image credit: Peter Minkoff

Working as a stylist for so and so years, I’ve had the luck to travel the world and meet the cultures and fashions I’ve only seen in books and pictures to that point. And apart from many inspiring things regarding style and fashion overall, what I’ve gathered is that, when it comes to fashion, all fashionista’s get the same gorgeous, super exciting rush whenever there’s a haul in town. I find it adorable! Admittedly, I am one of those persons who can’t wait for the haul to begin, even though I have a few sample sale hunts hanging in my closet from Versace, not to mention some of the unique pieces by Wang for H&M and many others.

And this haul thing? It really does take some wise thinking as it involves a few do’s and don’t’s I’d honestly recommend you to follow. Being a fashion sport that I am, I’ve listed down some of the most helpful tips for the summer goodies haul.

Ready? Set? GO!

Image credit: Peter Minkoff

1. End of season is your friend

DO: Shopping around at the end of season is the best possible time to get the most bang for your buck. Since you are a true fashionista you already know that retail stores are a couple of months “ahead of the weather,” which works perfectly for your wallet! How so? Well, you could still pick up a cheap sweater/dress/coat/sunglasses/whichever piece you are after and get a month’s worth of wear.

Naturally, New York Fashion Weeks in September and February are the parameter for all stores, so shopping in September for summer pieces will get you excellent deals! So, if you’ve planned to spend this summer tanning on the beach, make the best out of your latest swimwear sales and shop for some amazing pieces!

2. Know when not to buy

DON’T: Don’t let yourself pay a premium price if you shop during the wrong month or too early in the month. I mean, why would you buy jewelry around Christmas when this is when the prices are the highest! Also, keep in mind that some items never go on sale, especially if the item doesn’t technically have a “season.”

3. Check with stores on when are their final markdowns 

DO: The final markdown is definitely the Holy Grail of sales because this is when you’ll get the very best deals for the clothes you love. So, make sure you call your favorite stores to “find out when their final markdown period begins so you can be sure to be there”, advise haul experts I’ve jammed with on several occasions. Also, ALWAYS watch out online for words like “last call” – these are pretty much a warning you should hurry up!

4. Bring a trusted friend to sales

DON’T: Try not to make the mistake of going alone to a haul! The gorgeous temptation of a discount will take you straight to financial hell if you don’t have someone to channel your discount blindness! Bring a friend you trust and you share tastes with. She/he won’t ever let you leave the store with that ill-fitting Oscar de la Renta dress just because the price seemed too good to pass up. I always go with my best friend – I trust her immensely and we always have fun!

Was I helpful? I think I was!

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I hope these tips helped you out! Feel free to leave any other tips in the comments below!
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