Talking to Treasured Treats

Everyone knows us girls like a little sparkle in our lives. And some of you will know that I can never resist a good ol’ Twitter giveaway. So, naturally, when Treasured Treats ran a giveaway to win a gorgeous statement necklace, my finger was straight on to the RT button! I was the lucky winner of this particular giveaway, and I got sent a gorgeous pink diamanté necklace* (which, by the way, was packaged absolutely beautifully!).

The colour is lovely, and I’ve been wearing it for an extra pop of colour, especially on nights out. My favourite combination was with a cream coloured top and a black boyfriend blazer; this necklace gave that extra bit of colour to make my outfit stand out a little bit more!

The company is run by a lovely girl called Laura. She’s so friendly and helpful; she’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you might have about her stock! I decided to ask her a few questions about the business…

Hi, Laura! Would you like to start by telling us a little bit about your business?
Treasured Treats specialise in providing beautiful costume jewellery
for all occasions, stunning scarves and pretty accessories. Our aim
is to make women of all ages look and feel fabulous! 

When did your business get started and what inspired you to start?
Treasured Treats started just over a year ago. To begin with it was just a hobby, but over time has grown into a small business. My
inspiration to start Treasured Treats came from me loving sparkles and
pretty things. I decided I wanted to make others feel great through
wearing something that made them look and feel fabulous. Nothing makes me happier than making others happy! 

What are your favourite pieces in your shop? I know it must be hard to choose!
There are so many beautiful goodies in the Treasured Treats collection but I’d have to say my favourite pieces are:
Flower Bomb – Such a sparkly, floral necklace. It’s very unique and a real statement piece.
Green Aztec Statement Earrings – I adore the colour of these and they are unsual. Not something you’d see in a high street shop.
Cream Rose Print Scarf – I love florals and this has a real vintage feel to it. Very pretty and would go with any outfit! 

Have you got anything exciting coming up in the future? New stock or maybe a sale? Us girls love a sale!
Yes, I have a few weddings coming up this summer in which I’m helping
brides with their jewellery. I have to say, it’s one of my favourite
things to do. I enjoy the whole process and seeing them looking
glamorous on their wedding day is great feeling.

We are currently adding new spring stock at the moment which is very exciting! We
have an ongoing sale on the Treasured Treats website where we like to
give our lovely customers great products for amazing prices.

Aw, fab! Thank you so much for speaking to me. ツ


I’ve been going through the Treasured Treats website and have made a wishlist of the particular items which are my favourites. From necklaces to scarves to purses to earrings, there really is something for everyone, and at affordable prices too. A girl can never have too many accessories!

1. Black and Green Embroidered Purse – £9.50

2. Pink Chunky Enamel Triangle Necklace – £10.99

3. Pastel Multicoloured Flower Necklace – £7.00

4. Luxury Pearl Dangle Earrings – £8.00

5. Gold Sparkle Studs – £5.50

6. Gray Floral and Bird Snood – £5.00

7. Black Floral Clutch – £16.00

8. Vivid Leaf – £12.99

Make sure to check out the Treasured Treats website and follow the Twitter account too! Let me know if there’s anything from my wishlist you like the look of too! ツ

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