Sophie and Suze's Review Challenge

If you follow me on either Twitter or Goodreads, you’ll know I love nothing more than snuggling up with a good book on a night. The only problem is, I enjoy reading so much that as soon as I turn the final page of one book, I’m bending back the spine of the next novel I want to delve into, and my reviews take a backseat. Unfortunately, this has resulted in me having a huuuuge backlog of reviews to write up and post. Dang!
Fortunately, I follow Suze and Sophie, and they set up a review challenge to catch up on their own backlogs, and anyone was welcome to join in! It lasts for ten days between the 23rd of January (yes, I’m being useless and starting late!) and the 2nd of February, and it’s a pretty simple challenge: review as many books as you can in 10 days… or in my case, 9 days, since I’m a late starter!

Hopefully this will be a fun way for me to tackle the massive backlog of reviews I need to write up, and give me an excuse to do nothing all week except read some more books to review… Sounds like a darn good week to me; let’s go!

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