Hessle Theatre Company’s Soho Cinders at Hull Truck Theatre

This week, Hessle Theatre Company made their return to Hull Truck with the local premiere of Soho Cinders, a hilarious and heartwarming twist on the classic Cinderella Tale.

Think Cinderella with a sprinkle of Tinder, LGBT and chaviness. Sounds good, right?

Hessle Theatre Company kindly invited a few local bloggers down to the opening night of the show, and so on Tuesday night, Alex, Emma, Kat and I all made our way to Hull Truck Theatre, grabbed a pint (would’ve been rude not to, right?) and settled down ready for the show to begin. Naturally, we grabbed a quick selfie before the lights went down.

Not one to miss out on a photo opportunity, the narrator of the show, Miss Gavinia Edwards, took a break from flirting with the crowd to quickly race up the stairs and join in!

Written by Stiles and Drewe, the creative minds behind Betty Blue Eyes and the new stage version of Half A Sixpence, Soho Cinders is an edgy, fun and deliciously naughty story set in London’s most colourful district.

When downtrodden Robbie becomes romantically involved with engaged Mayoral candidate, James Prince, his malicious (and rather ugly!) step-sisters become the least of his problems!

James and Robbie’s worlds begin to collide, forcing them to fight for their own fairy-tale ending in this hilarious, satirical twist on the Cinderella story we know and love.

As soon as I saw the show was going to be narrated by a stunning yet cheeky drag queen, I knew we were all in for some laughs.

And you know the soundtrack to a show is good when you can’t help singing the tunes in the interval, right? Well, that’s exactly what we found ourselves doing as we stepped out of the auditorium to freshen up and grab another drink.

You shall goooo to the baaaaallllll, Cinderella! 🎵

Each and every song in the show was a great tune that had us either smiling, bopping our heads, dancing along or simply sitting in awe of the talented cast and their beautiful voices.

A particular mention goes to Georgia Wormald who played Velcro, Robbie’s best friend and voice of reason. Not only did she have a wardrobe to die for (seriously, I wanted every single outfit!), but she also had a beautiful, effortless voice and it was a pleasure to listen to her.

Each character had a fabulous and distinct personality that fit perfectly with the story. From the obnoxious show off villain, William (Luke Cardwell) to the charming Prince of the tale, James (Christian Brodie), every character was well fleshed out and the actors portraying them, along with the accompanying chorus, exuded enthusiasm and played their role perfectly.

The modern-day ugly stepsisters, Clodagh and Dana (Gina Garton and Rachel Adamson) were absolute diamonds on the stage. They were utterly hilarious, and had me belly laughing throughout the show. The shameless flirting, the vows to write off men and the love of alcohol… sounds kinda familiar… 😜

I definitely left the show with a smile on my face and a spring in my step. Some might say it was the cider, but I definitely think it’s was the fun music, the heartwarming story and the great night in good company that did it.

The show is running until the weekend and tickets are just £16.50 – an absolute bargain for a night of great theatre, toe-tapping, and belly laughs. You can book tickets via the Hull Truck Box Office or by calling 01482 323 638.

Have you ever seen Soho Cinders at the theatre?

*Our tickets to the show were provided free of charge in exchange for a review.

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