8 Things I’ve Added to My Travel Bucket List


Safaris, cherry blossom season, scuba diving, hiking… Every time I cross one thing off my list, I seem to find three more things to add! Here are 8 things I’ve added to my very long travel bucket list.

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I’ve often said money is best spent on experiences, and I really try to live by that. Give me concert tickets over a designer handbag any day. Play with nifty new gadgets or explore a new city? Definitely the city.

And what better way to experience things than to travel to different corners of the planet trying things you’d never get to see or do at home?

So, with that in mind, here are 8 things I’ve recently added to my ever-growing travel bucket list…


Swim with pigs in the Bahamas

Endless sapphire-blue seas, untouched white sand, an abundance of natural beauty – sounds like your standard dreamy beach, right?

Except the Exumas in the Bahamas have one slight difference… It’s home to a number of utterly adorable swimming pigs.

How flippin’ cute?!

And I want nothing more than to dive into the waters and swim beside them. Which is allowed, by the way.


Spot a spirit bear in Canada

Canada is a country I’m yet to explore, and there’s so much of it I want to see.

But one thing I really want to witness in particular is the different species of bears, roaming in their natural habitat and doing their thing.

Grizzly, black, polar… gimme ’em all!

And there’s a region called Klemtu which is home to something a little more special… the exceptionally rare spirit bear. These little guys are a subspecies of the black bear with a white coat, and can only be found in this region!


Go on a wildlife safari

I’m yet to witness the likes of giraffes, lions, elephants and a tonne of other beautiful creatures in their natural habitat, and so going on a wildlife safari tour is firmly on my bucket list.

Have you ever seen those viral videos where someone finds themself way more immersed in the animal kingdom than they planned as a lion climbs but into their car or a cheetah sits on their bonnet? Well, I want that level of getting up close to the wildlife!


See the Northern Lights

Whether it’s in Iceland, Canada, Norway or somewhere else, I’m determined to see the Northern Lights with my own two eyes.

I’ve often heard that cameras don’t do nature’s mysterious light show in the sky justice, and I can believe it.


Go scuba diving with marine life

When I had a trip to Bali earlier this year, I found myself booking a last minute snorkelling trip. Something that wasn’t on my list, but happened to take my fancy whilst I was there.

On this trip, I found myself swimming with sea turtles, and I was way more overwhelmed by it than I would have thought. I’ve never loved the sea so much in my life as I did in that moment.

So next time the opportunity arises, I want to go bigger and better. I want to go diving with every bit of marine life I can – sharks, dolphins, turtles, rays, sea lions – you name it!


Explore Tokyo’s parks in springtime

Cherry blossom has this wonderful effect of making everything look a little more magical and serene, no matter what country you’re in.

But Tokyo in particular seems to be quite extraordinary. From the end of March, the city finds itself covered in a springtime blanket of pink, and it looks incredible. (Seriously, google Tokyo Cherry Blossom Season and prepare to fall in love.)


Visit the floating markets of Bangkok

I have heard so many people talk about how Thailand is a great destination, and yet I still haven’t crossed it off my list.

Whilst there’s a tonne I’d love to see and do there, one thing in particular I want to experience is the floating markets of Bangkok.

I can just imagine the sights, the sounds, the smells, the atmosphere… and it would make for a great photo opp, too!


Hike the Inca Trail

A multi-day hiking trip that terminates at the Machu Picchu mountain, the Inca Trail is something that has intrigued me for a long time.

Enchanting ruins, jaw-dropping views, lush scenery and magical cloud forests – what more could you want on an adventure?!

Though I can imagine the physical demand to be pretty bloody high, and a few blisters are likely to be acquired… Best get training, eh?


So there we have it – 8 pretty magical-sounding bucket list items. Will I ever get to do them all? Who knows!

Are any of these on your travel bucket list?

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