6 Places I’m Determined to Visit Again


I’m always up for crossing new countries off of my bucket list, but there are a certain few I can’t help but be drawn back to despite having visited once or twice (or five times!) before…

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I make no secret of the fact that I bloody love exploring the world. There’s something so special about seeing different places, experiencing different cultures, or even just getting away and forgetting life for a while in a totally new setting.

So, obviously, I try my best to cross new countries off my list each year.

There are also, however, those few special places that have stolen a little piece of my heart, and I could happily return to again and again and again, plus those that have so much to offer, I have yet to explore them as much as I want to.

And right now, there are 6 that spring to mind…



I visited Cologne for the first time this year for one reason and one reason only: to go and see Picture This live in an intimate venue. (I’d already seen them just a few months before but I can never have enough of them.)

It just so happened that the dates we’d booked overlapped the start of Cologne Carnival – an event I’d never heard of, and an event that totally wowed me. Shops and restaurants closed for the day. People swarmed the streets in fancy dress, drinking beer and playing instruments. Sadly, I flew home that same day, so I’m making it my mission to head back next year to experience it properly.

(I’m also going back next month to see Kodaline, and cannot bloody wait.)



If you follow me on any form of social media, you will know I visited Bali this year. Because it’s tradition for anyone going to Bali to do nothing but talk about the trip before, during and after.

I spent 11 amazing days there hopping between five areas – Ubud, Gili T, Seminyak, Canggu and Kuta.

During my brief stay on Gili T, I got to cross off a bucket list item – I swam with sea turtles. And it was beyond anything I imagined. And I need to go back and do it again.

I’m also determined to explore more of Ubud and Canggu. Bali, anyone?



Oh, Wroclaw. Dear sweet Wroclaw. (Which is actually to be rolled beautifully off the tongue as vrots-waf, and not row-claw.)

Wroclaw stole a piece of my heart last year when I booked it on a whim and fell head over heels in love with the place the second I saw the market square.

Whimsical houses, magical street performers, amazing food, and just a general atmosphere of utter happiness.

I soon returned for my second trip to experience the Christmas markets towards the end of last year, and plan on doing exactly the same again this year. Bring on the festive lights and hot chocolates in boots.


Playa de las Americas

Last year saw me break a five year streak of visiting Playa de las Americas. I tend to find classic beach destinations don’t really vary much in terms of what they have to offer, but there’s something about Playa de las Americas that draws me back every single time. Something I can’t put my finger on, but it’s there.

I have my favourite spots to drink, my favourite spots to eat, my favourite spots to watch the world go by… And I never get bored of them.

Recently it’s started to feel like I haven’t been there in forever. Hello, withdrawal symptoms. Time to start browsing Holiday Gems for a deal I think…



I was lucky enough to visit Vienna for the first time this year on a press trip with Kirsty Leanne. I’d seen photos and was prepared for something beautiful, though I seriously underestimated just how much there would actually be to do along side ogling at the stunning buildings.

Museums, a funfair, the zoo, a botanical haven, yummy restaurants, waxworks, bakeries… We crammed what we could into a busy four days, and yet it was still not enough. There was a whole host of other things I want to experience over there.

So, I’m making sure I return sometime in the not-so-distant future to finish off what I started… and probably revisit some of the things I did manage to see as well.



Famous for it’s vibrant nightlife, down-to-earth pubs and lively atmosphere, Dublin is also home to lots of heritage and attractions, meaning it’s a great destination whether you like a cheeky pint or not. Obviously, I’m team cheeky pint (or five).

I found myself visiting Dublin twice in the space of a month last year, and absolutely adored it both times. The nightlife was utterly incredible, there was so much to do in the day, and there were so many character-filled spots to chill out with a drink. Not to mention the amazing live music.

Both times I visited, it was mid-winter and it was bloody freezing. Next time, I want to try Dublin in the summer… hello beer gardens!

Now I can feel my fingers itching to get booking something.

Do you have any special destinations you like to visit time and time again?

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