A #LeedsXmasMeet and the #LaRedouteBloggerXmasParty

My January exams are finally over and thus I am emerging from beneath mounds of mathematical notes like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, which means I can finally update you on two big, fat, fabulous blogger events I went to in December.

You may have seen me and a whole bunch of other bloggers tweeting the hashtags #LeedsXmasMeet and #LaRedouteBloggerXmasParty multiple times a day last month. We were pretty excited (as if you couldn’t tell)! Both events were on the same day and so I had a nice, long, fun-filled day with some lovely ladies.

After a pretty horrific train journey with Jordan (seriously, there were about 63964928 football hooligans throwing beer around the carriage), we finally made it to Leeds in tact, ready to start the day at the #LeedsXmasMeet, which was arranged by the utterly fabulous Rhianna. We arrived at the Black Swan, which had an awesome rustic feel to it, with a massively warm welcome and we settled down with some drinks and nibbles whilst more and more bloggers made their way in. 

This photo belongs to the beautiful Jordan

I’m still a newbie when it comes to blogger events, so I only knew a couple of people there. Luckily, everyone was absolutely lovely, and I made some new friends throughout the day. We spent the afternoon chatting, taking plenty of photos with the Christmas props, and having a few drinks before it was time for the much anticipated raffle. I went mad buying tickets, (no surprise!) and it paid off because I was the lucky winner of a Magnitone – woohoo!

After we finished supping our drinks and were all chatted out, we were each given a whopping goodie bag and it was time to start getting ready for the next event of the day – the LaRedoute Xmas Party!

Luckily, the party was within walking distance at Lambert’s Yard. Not so luckily, it was a blustery night and we were all pretty windswept by time we made it there. Nevertheless, we were greeted by the lovely Laura and after admiring the amazing venue, we began taking advantage of the complimentary peach bellinis, Long Island iced teas, and the sweetie jars – heaven! 

Once everyone had arrived, we were left to our own devices and were able to browse the railings of beautiful LaRedoute clothing, and even got to try on anything we liked. All the while, there was a DJ playing, an open bar, food being served, plus a photoshoot set up for us all to use, resulting in a really awesome atmosphere.

Time flew by and before we knew it, it was time for everyone to start heading home, but not without one last surprise. Not only did we each get an incredible goodie bag, but we got to pick our favourite item of clothing and take it home with us! I picked a gorgeous, little black shift dress from their collection (though I could have happily chosen everything!).

Needless to say, I was ready for bed as soon as I got home after such an eventful day, but I loved every minute (minus those spent with the football fans)! A hugeeee thank you goes to Rhianna, Laura and the rest of the LaRedoute team for a fabulous day!

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