Baylis & Harding: the Go-To Gift Sets

I can safely say that this has been the year I’ve been the least prepared for Christmas, ever. Wrapping paper is still in full rolls, the tree has only been up for around 48 hours, and we only just got food today (and had a bit of an upset when there was no Buck’s Fizz left – Christmas dinner without Buck’s Fizz? Nuh uh!)

But that blind panic when you realise you haven’t bought all of your presents? That’s the worst, right?

Luckily, each and every year, Baylis & Harding release the most beautiful gift sets at wonderfully affordable prices. And yes, they are my saviour. In fact, they’re my go-to gift sets not just at Christmas but all year round.

They’re always presented in the most wonderful way – the toy soldier designs this year have totally won me over – and the inner contents are always divine too. The strawberry candy cane body wash was a particular standout for me and the smell reminds me of strawberry jelly. The products may smell good enough to eat, but I suggest you don’t try it…


The sets are even more exciting because a few of them come with something a little extra to accompany the beauty products – slippers, eye masks, flannels and more. Just look at that water bottle cover in my photos. Adorable, right?

With Baylis & Harding available to buy from a number of places such as Superdrug, Boots and even Amazon, I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for some more gift sets I can treat myself to in the New Year sales. 😉

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What do you think of Baylis & Harding gift sets? Do you find them as handy as I do?

*I received the samples in the photos for free but I genuinely am a fan – and yes, I have bought a fair few sets myself that are ready to be wrapped. 😊🎄

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