Do bloggers really have to be relatable?


A spontaneous rambling post. That’s what today’s post is. A stupid post full of my thoughts and feelings and opinions and basically just me unloading onto a webpage because a tweet doesn’t contain enough characters and none of my Facebook friends care about this.


I’ve seen so many tweets flying around these past few weeks putting down successful bloggers for no longer being relatable, and basically slating them for “changing”. If you don’t wanna read their blogs, that’s fine, but to put down and slag off people just because their stuff is no longer relatable to you, nuh uh sistah.


I mean, does a blogger really have to be relatable?

Don’t get me wrong. I love relatable posts. I know life isn’t perfect and most of us are skint and have to buy our knickers from Primark and save up just for a Costa Coffee. But I love to read the blogs of those jet setting the world and spending ridiculous amounts on handbags too. Why? Because I just enjoy reading it. Simples.

I don’t read their posts and suddenly aspire to be that girl that flies to a tropical country every month and have a designer shopping spree every week (though I wouldn’t complain, of course!). I’m not daft, I know that’s not the norm. But their posts help me discover things I might not have otherwise come across, and things I could maybe, just maybe, treat myself to one day.

I didn’t even know what the Maldives was like, never mind considered looking into holidaying there, until I stalked Sarah Ashcroft’s snaps and Instagram pics whilst she was there. And now? Well, it looks beautiful. I’d love to save up to go just once. I’m not saying I want to go a few times a year like she can, but hey, she’s made me wanna go and experience it just once. Probably on my honeymoon.

I’ve never been one for designer clothes either. Fashion ain’t my thing. And yet, I watch Inthefrow’s outfit videos all of the time. Now I know I’m never gonna rock an outfit like her or have the money to have a designer wardrobe. But who knows? Maybe one day I could treat myself to a luxury outfit that just makes me feel amazing and I can wear it with pride, feeling good in knowing that I worked hard and saved up for it.

Basically, just because a blogger is no longer relatable doesn’t mean that their content isn’t still enjoyable or that their success isn’t still somewhat inspiring.

Let them do their thing. No like? No read.

*beep* End of babbling session.

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