Well, hello! You’ve happened to stumble across my little space on the internet and managed to make it to the about page before crossing it off, so thank you! And I’m guessing you landed on this page because you want to know a bit more about me and whatever I whitter on about here. Here goes…

Okay. First thing’s first. My name is Ashton (unfortunately, a name which leads everyone to assume I’m a boy when they hear it) and I’m a 26 year old book sniffing, travel addicted, lipstick loving Maths graduate turned Social Media Specialist from Hull. (Yes, that is the UK City of Culture until 2021, thank you very much!)

I’m quite an oddbod really, though pleasantly so… I think.

I grew up with four brothers and no sisters, so haven’t always been the girliest of girls, but that’s fine with me. I wore boys’ t-shirts, developed a slightly unhealthy addiction to playing video games and digging up worms in the garden was a hobby of mine. As the years increased I began to find confidence decreased. Ask me why, and I can’t tell you, but I’m incredibly lucky in that despite my insides eating away at me when I meet new people, my outside has become pretty good at being bubbly and confident. Sometimes I probably overcompensate, so forgive me if I’m ever annoying.

Growing up I was always considered the brainy kid, and my inner geek was well and truly unleashed when I discovered a love for Maths and Science at high school. I went through Sixth Form learning about anything and everything to do with numbers, physics, biology and chemistry, and eventually continued to study Mathematics at university and graduated in 2016. These 18 or so years I spent studying were always accompanied by a creative streak, however, and in my spare time I’d find myself drawing, crafting, writing stories and dabbling in a bit of dance and musical theatre too.

Whilst the singing and dancing weren’t mean to be (the singing especially), my artistic vein kept throbbing and words continued to float around my head. And so, when I found my self home alone and a bit bored on Christmas Eve in 2014, I created a little blog to pass the time. Little did I know it was to become my precious baby and open up a door to incredible opportunities for me, including my dream job working as a Social Media Specialist in the University I graduated from.

Being a bit of a nerd my whole life means I’m also obsessed with the usual “geeky” things; Harry Potter, video games, arts and crafts, The Walking Dead, puzzles, cross-stitching… You get the idea. Fortunately, this means I usually have a lot to talk about and a lot of things to keep me occupied. Now I just need more hours in the day!

For the past couple of years I’ve been struck down with extreme wanderlust and caught a severe bout of the travel bug, and so alongside work and blogging, I am trying my best to explore the world, and I want you guys to join me on the journey too! I’ll be posting about all of my adventures, reviewing some pretty hotels, and will occasionally throw a lifestyle ramble in to the mix – think book reviews, beauty products and lots of food.

If you are one of the superstars who comment and enjoy reading my posts: thank you!! Though I write this blog for my own entertainment and as an alternative to a good, old-fashioned pen-to-paper diary, it means a lot to me when you take the time to read what I have to say and interact with me. 🙂

If this lot wasn’t enough for you, there’s a tiny bit more about me and my blog on the FAQs page, and you can always tweet me if you have anything else you’re curious about.

Now, go ahead and find a post that takes your fancy!

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